Formally known as the CWF Continental Championship, it officially became a world title when the Spear was able to successfully defend the title in London, England. In its existence no man before the spear had held the title for no longer than 2 months, in the regin of spear he held it from an impressive 5 months before losing it to current champion Gage Padula

Former and Current Champions

Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
J5R Ash February 1, 2007 Washington D.C. Thursday Night Thunder
The Barbarian J5R February 25, 2007 Chicago, Illinois Apocalypse
Nightmare The Barbarian April 22, 2007 Cleveland, Ohio Downfall
The Spear Nightmare May 20, 2007 Boston, Massachusetts Apex
Gage Padula The Spear October 28, 2007 Boston, Massachusetts Darkest Hour

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