Title History

Wrestler: Won From: Date: Location: Notes:
CWO Cruiserweight Championship
Venom El Suicida April 12, 2002 Salt Lake City, UT One Night Tournament Final.
El Suicida Venom May 3, 2002 Hartford, CT
Whitefang El Suicida May 31, 2002 Duluth, MN
Frank Ewiak Whitefang June 30, 2002 Sacramento, CA Four-Way Ladder Match also involving Brian McTavish & El Suicida
Bob Cartwheel Frank Ewiak September 29, 2002 Los Angeles, CA
Endy Spade Bob Cartwheel November 24, 2002 Columbia, SC Ladder Match involving Bob Cartwheel and Frank Ewiak. Stipulation was "Whomever climbs up the ladder and grabs the belt first is the new Cruiserweight Champion." While Cartwheel and Ewiak were down during the match, Endy Spade ran to the ring, climbed the ladder and grabbed the belt. Commissioner Troy declared Spade the champion after that.
Michael Gecko Endy Spade January 19, 2003 Atlantic City, NJ Three-Way Scaffold Match also involving Bob Cartwheel
Phoenix Michael Gecko March 20, 2003 St. Louis, MO
H Phoenix March 27, 2003 Seattle, WA Cruiserweight Championship unified with FEVER Championship. Belt retired.

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