The CWO FEVER Championship is the signature title of FEVER, the flagship show of Championship Wrestling Organisation. It was formerly known as the CWO Television Championship, until 2002 when FEVER came back on the air, after having briefly being replaced by EXTREME. The title is normally defended only on FEVER and at PPVs.. The current champion is "Xtreme" Justin Paine.

Title History

Wrestler: Won From: Date: Location: Notes:
CWO FEVER Championship
Tub-O-Blub Ace December 10, 1995 Grand Rapids, MI Battle Royal for newly founded title. Ace was last eliminated
Ace Tub-O-Blub December 17, 1995 Grand Rapids, MI
Entombed Crusher Ace January 7, 1996 Grand Rapids, MI
Gold Kard Entombed Crusher February 20, 1996 Grand Rapids, MI
Glacier Ace April 9, 1996 Grand Rapids, MI Match for vacant title
Stealth V Glacier April 16, 1996 Toledo, OH
Phantom Freightrain Brent Alles September 24, 1996 Grand Rapids, MI Battle Royal for vacant title. Brent Alles was last eliminated
Sand-Man Phantom Freightrain September 29, 1996 Grand Rapids, MI
Brent Alles Sand-Man October 27, 1996 Detroit, MI Three-Way Elimination Match also including Mad Doctor's Ghost
Miguel Sanchez Brent Alles November 13, 1996
Maximum Overdrive Miguel Sanchez December 15, 1996
Brian Williams Maximum Overdrive January 28, 1997
Mondo Gecko Inferno (I) February 14, 1997 Tournament Final for Vacated Title
Masher Maccabee Mondo Gecko February 18, 1997
Mondo Gecko Masher Maccabee March 7, 1997 Panama City, FL
Masher Maccabee Mondo Gecko April 6, 1997 Baltimore, MD
Inferno (I) Masher Maccabee April 18, 1997
Johnny Reb Inferno (I) May 4, 1997 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Benjamin Bentley Johnny Reb June 6, 1997
Chris Myers Benjamin Bentley July 1, 1997
The Focus Chris Myers August 5, 1997
Deadly Sin Wrath The Focus October 7, 1997
Bloodbath Deadly Sin Wrath October 14, 1997
Wildfire Bloodbath November 23, 1997
The Focus Wildfire February 13, 1998
Colonel Taggart The Focus June 9, 1998
Hollywood Haskins Colonel Taggart August 11, 1998
Mondo Gecko Hollywood Haskins September 27, 1998
Wishbone Mondo Gecko October 18, 1998
Jesse Ewiak Wishbone November 29, 1998
Cris Marcus Jesse Ewiak December 27, 1998
Akueri Hakujin Cris Marcus February 1, 1999
Allen Carter Akueri Hakujin February 14, 1999 San Francisco, CA
Vladimir Popalov Allen Carter March 28, 1999
Allen Carter Vladimir Popalov April 25, 1999
Brian Derks Allen Carter May 27, 1999
Allen Carter Brain Derks May 30, 1999
Man Mountain Marko Allen Carter June 3, 1999
Union Caine Man Mountain Marko July 22, 1999
Steve Davis Union Caine September 2, 1999 Kansas City, MO
Iceman X Steve Davis October 7, 1999
Eddie Fantastic Iceman X November 11, 1999
Colonel Taggart Eddie Fantastic November 18, 1999
Mark Fulcrum Geoff Bondavarsky December 19, 1999 Grand Rapids, MI Match for Vacated Title
Geoff Bondavarsky Mark Fulcrum March 6, 2000 Grand Rapids, MI
Richard Gracie Allen Carter April 29, 2000 10-Man Battle Royal for Title. Allen Carter was eliminated last.
Allen Carter Richard Gracie June 4, 2000 Grand Rapids, MI Four-Way Elimination Match also including Mustafa Rahim & Johnny Reb
El Suicida Samarian January 18, 2002 Kalamazoo, MI 10-Man Battle Royal for reinstated Title. Samarian was eliminated last. Title renamed "Fever Championship".
Wildfire El Suicida January 25, 2002 Saginaw, MI
Dave Lupus Wildfire April 5, 2002 Rochester, NY
Jesse Ewiak Dave Lupus April 28, 2002 New Orleans, LA
Kenny Kash Jesse Ewiak May 17, 2002 Louisville, KY
Flame Kenny Kash June 30, 2002 Sacramento, CA
YGB Flame July 28, 2002 East Rutherford, NJ
Flame YGB August 25, 2002 Baltimore, MD
YGB Flame September 29, 2002 Los Angeles, CA
Christian Rossi YGB October 27, 2002 Detroit, MI
Dwight Paul Christian Rossi December 21, 2002 Manchester, England Three-Way Match also involving Sandman Jr.
Flame Dwight Paul January 19, 2003 Atlantic City, NJ
H Flame February 20, 2003 Philadelphia, PA
Cajun Patriot H April 3, 2003 Richmond, VA
Steve Jones Cajun Patriot April 27, 2003 Detroit, MI
Sandman Jr. Logan Flay July 27, 2003 Denver, CO Tournament Final for Vacated Title
Brent Alles Sandman Jr. August 15, 2003 Moline, IL
Wolfbane Brent Alles October 18, 2003 Detroit, MI
Feenen The Wizard Wolfbane May 8, 2004 Phoenix, AZ Feenen The Wizard awarded Title when Wolfbane refused to wrestle.
Dark Warrior Rezz Dogg July 10, 2004 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Three-Way Match for Vacated Title also involving Lord Infamous
Rezz Dogg Dark Warrior July 25, 2004 Louisville, KY
Ryan Welfare Rezz Dogg August 28, 2004 Dallas, TX Four-Way Elimination Match
Flame Ryan Welfare October 16, 2004 Rockford, IL
Bad Azz Flame November 11, 2004 Toledo, OH
DSGB Bad Azz November 19, 2004 Detroit, MI
Shadow Rider DSGB December 1, 2004 Belfast, Northern Ireland
Armand Delicourt Shadow Rider December 4, 2004 Paris, France
Rezz Dogg Armand Delicourt December 10, 2004 Copenhagen, Denmark
Ryan Welfare Outlaw Jonny G January 2, 2005 Grand Rapids, MI Tournament Final for Vacated Title
Lumpy Ballz Ryan Welfare May 8, 2005 Portland, ME
Ryan Welfare Lumpy Ballz May 13, 2005 Newark, NJ
Adam Smoke Ryan Welfare June 11, 2005
Zak Xytico Adam Smoke July 2, 2005 Las Vegas, NV
Devil Zak Xytico July 30, 2005 Worcester, MA
Zak Xytico Devil July 31, 2005 Boston, MA Four-Way Match also involving JSL & Inferno (II)
JSL Zak Xytico August 31, 2005 Washington, DC
Vampire Hunter JSL December 25, 2005 Milton Keynes, England
Brad Wheatley Vampire Hunter February 18, 2006 Long Island, NY
Surge Brad Wheatley March 26, 2006 Oklahoma City, OK
B7 Surge May 8, 2006 St. Louis, MO
Eddie Flash B7 May 15, 2006 Cincinnati, OH
Prince David Tita Eddie Flash June 25, 2006 Phoenix, AZ
JSL Prince David Tita December 18, 2006 Washington, DC
Katsu JSL January 28, 2007 San Antonio, TX
Brent Alles Katsu June 4, 2007 Jacksonville, FL
Jim Lane Brent Alles August 13, 2007 New York, NY
Justin Paine Jim Lane September 24, [[2007] Syracuse, NY

Title Trivia

  • The place for most frequent winner of the FEVER title is currently tied, with both Flame and "Mister America" Allen Carter winning the belt 4 times.
  • After Flame & Carter, second place is also tied, with Mondo Gecko, Ryan Welfare and Brent "The Ace" Alles all holding the title 3 times.
  • The longest single Title Reign belongs to "Mister America" Allen Carter, who held the belt for an amazing 593 days during his fourth run as Champion.

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