The CWO International Championship is the secondary title of Championship Wrestling Organisation. The title is the newest belt in current competition. It was formerly named the CWO King Of The Road Championship, until 2004 when it was renamed. Starting at the Fury PPV, the International Championship was allied with the newly resurrected CWO International Tag Team Championship, to form the CWO International Trios Championship. The current champion is Michael Clover. Work is currently underway restoring incomplete records.

Title History

Wrestler: Won From: Date: Location: Notes:
CWO International Championship
Jonny G Tracy Little November 23, 2003 Las Vegas, NV Tournament Final.
Tracy Little Jonny G December 12, 2003 Indianapolis, IN
Jonny G Tracy Little December 21, 2003 Manchester, England
Ivan Garcia Jonny G January 29, 2004 Dayton, OH
Rezz Dogg Ivan Garcia May 13, 2004 Fresno, CA
Lord Infamous Rezz Dogg May 20, 2004 La Crosse, WI
Surge Lord Infamous July 1, 2004
Steve Jones Surge August 5, 2004 Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada Title renamed "International Championship"
Surge Steve Jones October 23, 2004 Milwaukee, WI
TL Fireheart Surge December 1, 2004 Belfast, Northern Ireland
Nightrain Anthony Falconi March 27, 2005 Pittsburgh, PA Match for Vacated Title
Demoniac (actually DMT) Tyler Bomb October 9, 2005 Tournament Final for Vacated Title
Pyro Demoniac October 30, 2005 Oklahoma City, OK
Jozeff Layfield Pyro December 25, 2005 Milton Keynes, England
RT Savage Kazuo Hirata February 26, 2006 New York, NY Match for Vacated Title
Ryan Justice RT Savage May 9, 2006 St. Louis, MO
DMT Ryan Justice July 24, 2006 Orlando, FL
Prince David Tita DMT September 11, 2006 Las Vegas, NV
Head Prince David Tita December 5, 2006 Buffalo, NY
Prince David Tita Head December 5, 2006 Buffalo, NY Seven-Way Match also involving Nightrain, DMT, Steve Jones, Logan Flay & Eddie Flash
RT Savage Prince David Tita March 25, 2007 Chicago, IL
Gold Kard JSL April 30, 2007 London, England
Christopher John Gold Kard April 30, 2007 London, England Title Vacated August 13, 2007
Michael Clover
with Devil & Inferno (II)
Jonny G
with Adam Smoke & Afro Punk
August 26, 2007 East Rutherford, NJ 7-Team Trios Tag Team Turmoil Match for International Trios Championship also featuring Crimson & Super Duo(Dwight Paul & John Gold), Jim Lane & Lion United(Head Hunter & Von Chaos), AJ Kool & Fighter Jets(A1 Skyraider & Vampire Hunter), Strike Force(Ambush & Ben Turner & Genesis) and Barry Henson & Katsu & Ohara

Title Trivia

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