Created in August 2007, the CWO International Trios Championship is a unique set of titles within the CWO. The belts are the CWO International Championship and the CWO International Tag Team Championship. These belts can be defended individually, allowing some members of the Trios champions to change, or as a Trios Team. The current champions are The New Revolution.

Title History

Team: Won From: Date: Location: Notes:
CWO International Trios Championship
The New Revolution
(Devil & Inferno (II) & Michael Clover)
Adam Smoke & Afro Punk & Jonny G August 26, 2007 East Rutherford, NJ 7-Team Trios Tag Team Turmoil Match for International Trios Championship also featuring Crimson & Super Duo(Dwight Paul & John Gold), Jim Lane & Lion United(Head Hunter & Von Chaos), AJ Kool & Fighter Jets(A1 Skyraider & Vampire Hunter), Strike Force(Ambush & Ben Turner & Genesis) and Barry Henson & Katsu & Ohara

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