The CWO Tag Team Championship is the jewel of the Tag dvision of the Championship Wrestling Organisation. The current champions are The Force. At this time, work is ongoing to restore incomplete records.

Title History

Team: Won From: Date: Location: Notes:
CWO World Tag Team Championship
Creatures Of The Night
(Night Crawler & Night Slinger)
(Grog & Smog)
September 19, 1996 Tournament Final
Pit Bosses
(Joey Davola & Mike Masario)
Creatures Of The Night March 7, 1997 Panama City, FL
(Conor McCloud & Gavin McCloud)
Pit Bosses May 4, 1997 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The Big Cool
(Jazzman Taylor & Jumbo Jenkins)
Highlanders May 23, 1997
Highlanders The Big Cool June 1, 1997 Myrtle Beach, SC Three-Way Match also involving Masters Of Hardcore (Brad Couchman & Chris Ohlhoff)
Bad Guys
(Joe Rucker & Ron Johnson)
Highlanders June 29, 1997
Newton Brothers
(Howard Newton & Steve Newton)
Bad Guys October 26, 1997 Three-Way Match also involving Highlanders
Deadly Sins
(Pride & Sloth)
Newton Brothers November 23, 1997
Wild Cards Deadly Sins February 15, 1998
Texas Roughriders
(Taurus & Wesley McMichael)
Wild Cards March 15, 1998
Outlaw Riders
(Mark Fulcrum & Taurus)
Dogs Of War May 10, 1998 Match for Vacant Title
(Kaptain Krunch & Korperal Punishment)
Outlaw Riders July 26, 1998
Outlaw Riders Mercenaries August 30, 1998
Mercenaries Outlaw Riders September 27, 1998
True Americans
(Allen Carter & Martinez)
Mercenaries October 12, 1998
Rich Johnson & Cooper Young True Americans November 30, 1998
Creatures Of Darkness
(formerly Creatures Of The Night)
Rich Johnson & Cooper Young December 13, 1998
Johnny Reb & Eddie Fantastic Creatures Of Darkness April 25, 1999
Johnny Reb & Eddie Fantastic Hollywood X-Press
(Hollywood Haskins & Iceman X)
July 1, 1999 Titles Held Up after previous match between Reb/Fantastic & Hollywood X-Press ended in a split decision.
Chris Myers & Mark Fulcrum Johnny Reb & Eddie Fantastic July 31, 1999
Johnny Reb & Eddie Fantastic Chris Myers & Mark Fulcrum August 6, 1999
Brute Squad
(Black Jack Hollister & Colonel Taggart)
Johnny Reb & Eddie Fantastic October 31, 1999 Detroit, MI
Beauregard Boys
(Ron Beauregard & Shirley Beauregard)
Brute Squad March 12, 2000
The Magic Group
(Necromancer & Wizard)
Jesse Ewiak May 10, 2000 Tournament Final for Vacant Titles. Jesse Ewiak's partner, Foolkiller, failed to show.
Beauregard Boys The Magic Group June 4, 2000 Grand Rapids, MI Three-Way Match also involving Darknight Express (Demolition & Dimento)
Beauregard Boys Omar Martinez & Dennis Menton January 12, 2002 Grand Rapids, MI Tournament Final for Vacant Title
Pit Bosses Beauregard Boys February 15, 2002 Cleveland, OH
True Americans
(Allen Carter & Geoff Bondavarsky)
Pit Bosses February 24, 2002 Chicago, IL
Da Hood Rats
(Big Balla & Lil G)
True Americans March 24, 2002 Kansas City, MO
True Americans Da Hood Rats April 28, 2002 New Orleans, LA
Blue Gold Order
(Blue Dude & Gold Kard)
True Americans May 10, 2002 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Soul Rebels
(Shawn Trent & Todd McClaine)
Blue Gold Order June 30, 2002 Sacramento, CA
Suicide Brothers
(Chris Hatcher & Scott Hatcher)
Soul Rebels June 30, 2002 Sacramento, CA
Soul Rebels Suicide Brothers July 28, 2002 East Rutherford, NJ
Fire And Ice
(Phoenix & Whitefang)
Soul Rebels August 25, 2002 Baltimore, MD
Arkangel & Talon Fire And Ice September 19, 2002 Denver, CO
Blue Dragon & Flame Arkangel & Talon October 27, 2002 Detroit, MI
(Isao & James)
Blue Dragon & Flame November 24, 2002 Columbia, SC
Falconi Brothers
(Anthony Falconi & Xavier Falconi)
Opponents January 19, 2003 Atlantic City, NJ
American Eagles
(Dash Liberty & Rick Flagg)
Falconi Brothers March 6, 2003 East Lansing, MI
Miracle Violence Explosion
(Brent Alles & Sandman Jr.)
American Eagles April 27, 2003 Detroit, MI
Falconi Brothers Miracle Violence Explosion June 29, 2003 Houston, TX
Fire And Ice Falconi Brothers October 26, 2003 Detroit, MI
First Strike
(Adam Smoke & Tyler Bomb)
Fire And Ice January 31, 2004 Philadelphia, PA
Demonic Destruction
(Demon Possess & Steve Jones)
First Strike February 22, 2004 St. Louis, MO
Japanese Connection
(Rising Sun & Tiger Claw)
Demonic Destruction June 27, 2004 Columbia, SC
Texas Connection
(Doctor J & Outlaw Jonny G)
Japanese Connection July 25, 2004 Louisville, KY
Falconi Brothers Texas Connection September 4, 2004 Melbourne, Australia
Demonic Destruction Falconi Brothers November 11, 2004 Toledo, OH
Falconi Brothers Demonic Destruction March 27, 2005 Philadelphia, PA
Steve Jones & Logan Flay Falconi Brothers June 5, 2005
Falconi Brothers Steve Jones & Logan Flay June 11, 2005
South Street Riot
(Dave Vincent & Wulf Erikssen)
Falconi Brothers August 28, 2005
Adams Family
(Charles Adams & Sean Adams)
South Street Riot October 9, 2005 Houston, TX
Corpsegrinder & Brad Wheatley Adams Family November 13, 2005 San Jose, CA
Falconi Brothers Corpsegrinder & Brad Wheatley January 2, 2006 Philadelphia, PA
Hell Risers
(Devil & Inferno(II))
Falconi Brothers April 20, 2006 Detroit, MI
Partners In Crime
(Crimson & WolfBane)
Hell Risers May 28, 2006 Lexington, KY
Falconi Brothers Partners In Crime June 25, 2006 Phoenix, AZ
First Strike Falconi Brothers September 3, 2006 Huntsville, AL
Falconi Brothers First Strike October 3, 2006 Springfield
CWO's Best Unknown Tag Team
(AJ Kool & Jonny Kane)
Falconi Brothers January 28, 2007 San Antonio, TX
Falconi Brothers CWO's Best Unknown Tag Team February 26, 2007 Los Angeles, CA Four-Way Match also involving Fighter Jets (A1 Skyraider & Vampire Hunter) & Delmar Duke and Katsu
The Old School Cwoers (Dash Striker and Logan) The Animal Pack May 1,2007 Grand Rapids, Mich after move to G-fed which Falconi Brothers dont join
The Messiah's

(Martin Harris & Kazuo)

The Old School Cwoers May 21, 2017 Grand Rapids, Mich
The New Pits Bulls

(Pit Bull and John Beniot)

The Messiah's May 31, 2007 Grand Rapids, Mich
The Miessiah's The New Pits Bull and The Old school Cwoers June 10th, 2007 Grand Rapids. Mich

(Jermaine Lawrence & Marc Stephens

The Messiah June 19th, 2007 Grand Rapids. Mich
The Kos

(Kazuo & Dash Striker)

High Energy and Showtime DJ"S July 2, 2007 Grand Rapids. Mich
2 worlds apart

(Ron hardy & Ethan Black)

The Kos Sept 31, 2007 Grand Rapids, Mich
The Mafia

(Fongule & Patrick Bracken)

East Coast to west Oct 5th, 2007 Charlotte, NC

(Martin Harris & Sadiq Haruna

No Mercey Nov 9, 2007 New Orleans, La
Cowboys From Hell

(Jeremy Davis & Jake Steele)

Team Marcus Dec 14th, 2007 Boston, Mass
Team marcus

(Cris Marcus & Dash striker)

Cowboys from Hell Dec 17th, 2007 Buffalo, NY
Cowboys from Hell Team Marcus Dec 24th, 2007 Grand Rapids, Mich
The Veterns

(Logan & Jim Lane)

Cowboys From hell Jan 18th, 2008 Grand Rapids, Mich
Cowboys from Hell The Veterns Feb 8th, 2008 Grand Rapids, Mich
Perfect Strangers

(Paul Rowland & Mario)

Cowboys From Hell Feb 15th, 2008 Grand Rapids, Mich
The Thriller Seekers

(Kazuo & G. Garnder)

Perfect Strangers Feb 25th, 2008 Grand Rapids, Mich
The Lancers

(The Creeker & Kody Gordert)

The Thriller Seekers Mar 28th, 2008 Las Vega, Nv
A Town's Finest

(Fonglue & Preston Thompson)

The Lancers June 30th, 2008 Houston, Tex
The Chosen Few

(Chris Guy & High-Flying Jamiaican)

The Legends Oct 17th, 2008 Grand rapids, Mich
Reck'n Storm

(Deven Storm & The Reck)

Death Row & Strik Force 2000 & The LEgends Nov 7th. 2008 Chicago, Ill
The NEw Cwo2 Living Legends

(Main Event & Kazuo)

Reck'N Storm Jan 2nd, 2009 Grand Rapids, Mich
Sudden Impact

(Devin Storm & Jake Prescott)

The New Cwo2 Living Legends Jan 26th, 2009 Grand Rapid, Mich
Murder by numbers

(The Reck & Mindfreak)

Sudden Impact Apr 24th, 2009 New York City, Ny
Cold Beer

(Jack & Frost)

Murder By Numbers June 8th, 2009

(Jack & Veronica)

Murder By Numbers & Strike Force 2000 & The Crew june 28th, 2009 Toronto, Ont
The Commission

(Nightrain & James Wright)

4 Way Match Aug 28th, 2009
Impact Playerz

(Deven Storm & R. Mendoza)

The Commission Aug 31st, 2009
Sudden Impact Drunkin Nightmare Feb 26th, 2010 New York City
Sudden Impact #2

(Deven Storm & Mindfreak)

Bad Ass Kidds June 4th, 2010 Austin, Tex
The Super Duo

(Biggie & Superstar)

Sudden Impact #2 Aug 28th, 2010 Lisbon, Portugal
Sudden Impact #2 3-way Match Sept 11, 2010 Bordeaux, France
Vacated from 10/20/2010
Mason & Carl Casanova Skyler McMason and Hells Bouncer Jan 2nd, 2012 Boise, Idaho
Ian Richter & Sophia Sabandith Mason & Carl Casanova Feb 6th, 2012 San Fran, Cal
Hell Bouncer & Paige Marie Ian Richter & Sophia Sabandith Feb 19th, 2012 MInny
Ryan Rutz & Spider Shark Hell Bouncer & Paige Marie March 13th, 2012 Montreal, Que
Hell Bouncer & Waylon Fletcher Ryan Rutz & Spider MAsk Apr 16th, 2012 MInn
CWO. Closed Down but Reopened under Logan Feb 27th, 2017
The Super Duo

(Dwight Paul & Jon Gold)

? Feb 27th, 2017 Denver, Col
The Broken Hardys The Super Duo MAy 7th, 2017 Miami, Flor
The Force The Brooken hardy's ? Santa Fe, NM

Title Trivia

  • The Falconi Brothers hold the record for most Title wins, with 9 Title reigns under their belts.

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