The CWO World Championship is the top title in the Championship Wrestling Organisation. The current champion is Logan.

Title History

Wrestler: Won From: Date: Location: Notes:
CWO World Championship
Sand-Man Hile Troy December 3, 1995 Grand Rapids, MI Tournament Final
Hile Troy Sand-Man December 10, 1995 Grand Rapids, MI
Sand-Man Hile Troy December 17, 1995 Grand Rapids, MI
Rebel Yell Sand-Man February 14, 1996 Grand Rapids, MI
Sand-Man Rebel Yell February 20, 1996 Grand Rapids, MI
Hile Troy Sand-Man March 31, 1996 Panama City, FL
Rebel Yell Hile Troy April 9, 1996 Grand Rapids, MI
Foolkiller Rebel Yell April 28, 1996 New York, NY Three-Way Match also involving Hile Troy
Vincent Manocelli Tiger Rogers September 18, 1996 Grand Rapids, MI Tournament Final for Vacant Title
Barry Hart Vincent Manocelli October 5, 1996 Grand Rapids, MI
Wayne Schillo Barry Hart November 1, 1996 Grand Rapids, MI
Damion Wayne Schillo December 3, 1996 Seattle, WA
Wayne Schillo Damion January 1, 1997 Chicago, IL Three-Way Match also involving Johnny Reb
Bane Wayne Schillo March 7, 1997 Panama City, FL
Rich Clark Bane April 6, 1997 Baltimore, MD
Bane Rich Clark April 15, 1997 Tokyo, Japan
Rich Clark Bane May 4, 1997 Montreal, Quebec, Canada The-Way Match for the held up title also involving Goliath
Joe Eagle Rich Clark June 1, 1997 Myrtle Beach, SC
Gold Kard Joe Eagle July 6, 1997 Philadelphia, PA
Johnny Reb Gold Kard August 3, 1997 Minneapolis, MN Johhny Reb pinned Gold Kard in a Team Challenge match. The title was on the line, awarded to anybody who eliminated Gold Kard from the contest.
Hile Troy Johnny Reb December 14, 1997 Grand Rapids, MI Three-Way Match also involving Mondo Gecko
Foolkiller Hile Troy April 12, 1998 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Chris Myers Foolkiller August 18, 1998 Dayton, OH
Masher Maccabee Chris Myers September 8, 1998 St. Louis, MO
Foolkiller Masher Maccabee October 31, 1998 San Jose, CA
Chris Myers Foolkiller January 31, 1999 Knoxville, TN
Darkness Chris Myers February 14, 1999 San Francisco, CA Myers surrendered title to Darkness in order to protect his friends
Brent Alles Darkness June 27, 1999 Tampa Bay, FL
Mondo Gecko Brent Alles July 25, 1999 Long Island, NY
Allen Carter Mondo Gecko September 2, 1999 Kansas City, MO
Mondo Gecko Allen Carter September 9, 1999 Biloxi, MS
Allen Carter Mondo Gecko September 26, 1999 San Diego, CA
Sandman Jr. Allen Carter October 31, 1999 Detroit, MI
Chris Myers Sandman Jr. December 19, 1999 Grand Rapids, MI
Maximum Overdrive Chris Myers March 6, 2000 Grand Rapids, MI
Damion Maximum Overdrive June 4, 2000 Grand Rapids, MI
Jesse Ewiak Allen Carter March 25, 2001 Washington, DC Tournament Final for Vacated Title
Foolkiller Jesse Ewiak April 29, 2001 New York, NY Four-Way Elimination Match also involving Johnny Reb & Wildfire
Foolkiller Wildfire May 30, 2001 Ft. Myers, FL Title was held up after previous match between Foolkiller & Wildfire ended in a draw
Jesse Ewiak Foolkiller June 24, 2001 San Jose, CA
Mondo Gecko Samarian January 12, 2002 Grand Rapids, MI Tournament Final for Vacated Title
Arkangel Mondo Gecko March 24, 2002 Kansas City, MO
Wildfire Arkangel June 30, 2002 Sacramento, CA Four-Way Elimination Match also including Carr & Dave Lupus. Carr was eliminated last.
Allen Carter Wildfire June 30, 2002 Sacramento, CA This was a unification match between the CWO Championship and the EWA Championship
Byron Buffington Carr August 25, 2002 Baltimore, MD Tournament Final for Vacant Title
Cris Marcus Byron Buffington September 7, 2002 Green Bay, WI
Logan Flay Cris Marcus January 19, 2003 Atlantic City, NJ
YGB Logan Flay April 27, 2003 Detroit, MI
Steve Jones YGB June 29, 2003 Houston, TX
Nightrain Steve Jones October 26, 2003 Detroit, MI Four-way match also involving DMT and Jesse Ewiak. DMT was eliminated last.
DMT Nightrain November 23, 2003 Las Vegas, NV
Klaus Von Groger DMT December 21, 2003 Manchester, England
Nightrain Klaus Von Groger February 22, 2004 St. Louis, MO
Steve Jones Jungle Kid May 30, 2004 New York, NY 30 Man MAY-HEM Battle Royal for Vacated Title. Jungle Kid was eliminated last.
Wolfbane Steve Jones July 25, 2004 Louisville, KY
Steve Jones Wolfbane December 7, 2004 Brussels, Belgium
Vincent Frost Steve Jones March 27, 2005 Pittsburgh, PA
Steve Jones Vincent Frost June 26, 2005 Anaheim, CA
Vincent Frost Steve Jones July 3, 2005 Las Vegas, NV
Nightrain Vincent Frost August 28, 2005 Grand Rapids, MI
Tommy Core Nightrain October 30, 2005 Oklahoma City, OK
Vincent Frost Tommy Core November 27, 2005 Salt Lake City, UT
Nightrain Vincent Frost February 26, 2006 New York, NY
DMT Nightrain March 26, 2006 Oklahoma City, OK Four-Way Elimination Match also involving Brent Alles & Adam Smoke. Brent Alles was last eliminated.
Nightrain DMT April 1, 2006 Omaha, NE
Mentor Nightrain April 30, 2006 Detroit, MI
Surge Mentor May 15, 2006 Cincinnati, OH
Ryan Justice Surge June 25, 2006 Phoenix, AZ Six-Way "Infernal Machine" Match also involving Brad Wheatley, Cris Marcus, DMT & Steve Jones.
Eddie Flash Ryan Justice October 3, 2006 Springfield, MO
Logan Flay Eddie Flash January 28, 2007 San Antonio, TX
Nightrain Logan Flay May 27, 2007 Buffalo, NY
Logan Flay The One Grand Rapid, Mi
Martin Harris Logan Las Vega,NV
The Pitbull Martin Harris may 28th,2007 Louisville, Ky Finals to crown New world Champion
Martin Harris The Pitbull June 12th, 2007 New York City
John Beniot martin Harris June 18th, 2007 Portland. Maine
Marc Stephens John Beniot June 21st. 2007 Montreal, Que
Scarface Marc Stephens July 6th, 2007 Vancover, BC
John Beniot Hells Angel July 26th, 2007 Seattle, Wash match for Vacanted title
Johnny Mustang RT Savage & Kazuo Aug. 27th, 2007 San Antonio, Tex
Ethan Black Johnny Mustang & The Machine Aug 31st. 2007 Houston, Tex
Ron Hardy Battle Royal Oct. 5th, 2007 Charlotte. NC
Ethan Black Ron Hardy Oct 26th, 2007 New York City
Fongule Ethan Black Nov 9th, 2007 Detriot, Mi
Steban The Unknown Soldier Nov 16th, 2007 Mexico City, Mex Steban was a injury Replace for Fongule the current Champion
Jeremy Davis Steban Dec, 28th, 2007 San Diego, Cal
Paul Rowland Jake Steele & Mario Siscaly Feb 18th, 2008 Mexico City
Mario Siscaly Paul Rowlan March 28th, 2008 Las Vegas, NV
Jake Simmons Mario Siscaly April 7th, 2008 Toronto, Ont
The Creeker George Gardier April 25th, 2008 Boston, Mass
Kauo Sakurade The Prince Of Death Dec 29th, 2008 New York City Finals to Crown new champ
Jake Prescotty Kazuo Sakurade Jan 28th, 2009 Detriot, Mi
Twilight Jake Prescott June, 22nd, 2009 Manchester, England
Blake Orion Twilight July 31st, 2009 New York City
Kenny Fisher Blake Orion Sept 11th, 2009 New York City
Renegade Kenny Fisher Sept. 25, 2009 Miami, Flor
Twilight Renegade Oct 19th, 2009 Austin, Tex
Mindfreak Twilight Noc 1st, 2009 Grand Rapid, Mi
Renegade Mindfreak Nov 20th, 2009 Winnipeg, Man
Jake Prescott The Egg & Twilight Jan 29th,2010 San Deigo, Cal
Blake Orion Devin Storm & Stefan Williams & Jake Prescott May 7th, 2010 Wichita Kansas
Mindfreak Blake Orion June 4th, 2010 Austin, Tex
Logan Mindfreak Sept 1st, 2010 Lima.Peru
Kazuo Saukurada Logan Nov 20th, 2010 Columbia, SC
Logan Kazuo Sakurade Dec. 7th, 2010 Sioux Falls, SD
Chuck Storm The Outlaw Jan 30th, 2011 Richard, VA Finals
The Outlaw Chuck Storm Feb 26th, 2011 Syracuse, NY Defended in CWE
Carl Casanova Tourament Dec 31st, 2011 Battle, Creek, Mi
Jordan Storm Carl Casanova Jan 16th. 2012 Hartford, Ct
Carl Casanova Jordan Strom Jan 22th, 2012 St. John's NFLD
Skyler Mcmason Carl Casanova Jan 22nd, 2012 St.John.s NFLD
Logan Feb 27th, 2017 Dever, Col Finals of a Reunion Tourament to a World Champion
Brett Alles Logan Sante Fe, NM Brent cashed in Money in the Bank
Hardkore Brent Alles Brent's reign is only recognized for 24 hours

Title Trivia

  • The most prolific winner of the CWO World Title is Nightrain and Logan. they both have won the belt 6 times to date.
  • , 2nd place for most prolific CWO World champion is tied, with Foolkiller and "Dawn Of Destruction" Steve Jones both holding the title 4 times.
  • The longest single Title Reign belongs to Damion, who held the belt for a whopping 294 days during his second tenure as Champion.

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