Luke Ryan (Born January 18, 1982) Is A amateur wrestler working under the name Callum Ryan Born in Nashville, Tennessee currently working on the brand Meltdown waiting to make his debut

Early life

He was born in Nashville Tennessee and lived with his parents as most of his early years he would spend most of his life in the back yard of his terrace house hitting a matress slumped across his mother washing line the only times he would come in is if his mother told him on when it was time for his supper as he got older he would start to go out on the street and starting fights with his neighbor hood until he was 16 and he started training

Johnny Rodz Acadamy

He began training with Johnny Rodriguez the world class trainer who trained the likes of devon dudley and tazz he was always loking up at the photos that were on his wall of people like Tommy Dreamer and Tazz and always hoping to be one of the one day he never knew that one day he would become one of them as he trained learning grapple moves and submission moves from Johnny Rodz he decided to take up another pass time

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