COMBAT Wrestling, Inc.
Type Private
Founded March 20, 2008
Headquarters Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Key People Chucky Ganeem, President
Commissioner Bob, Commissioner of COMBAT
Musabetsu Kakutou, Headmaster of The Dojo
Industry Professional wrestling
Mixed martial arts
Slogan "Tackle, Grapple, Seize."
Website COMBAT - The E-Fed

The Canadian Organization of Martial Battling Arts & Techniques (COMBAT) is a Canada-based professional wrestling and Mixed martial arts promotion founded by Canadian multi-million dollar entrepeneur Chucky Ganeem in March of 2008. Unlike other popular professional wrestling promotions, COMBAT incorporates Mixed martial arts into its style, as well as Lucha Libre and variations of technical wrestling. The company, which trades as COMBAT, Inc., operates out of Vancouver, B.C., with plans on having future shows in the United States, Mexico, and Japan.

COMBAT's launch came to be after an announcement by multi-time World Heavyweight Champion Genesius Annaya, who stated that he had signed with the company. Shortly after, a website was launched, with the roster being updated as soon as a new wrestler was signed. The initial roster featured a concoction of styles ranging from Jujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts to Lucha Libre and the popular Sports Entertainment styles.

COMBAT is yet to have a premiere show.

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