Biography Deathcore Passion Wrestling Candy started wrestling in Deathcore passion wrestling where at first she was unknown but she worked her way up and became two times women's champion.

TWX Candy (Know billed as The American Dream Candi Starlight) went on to co-own TWX with her sister Marie.

Heel Turn Candi turned heel in TWX siding with her sister over long time friend Leigh Stratus, Candi and Marie went on to terrorise Leigh and make her career miserable.

Family Candice is married but the identity of her husband is unknown, they have on child together named Charity-Marie.

Entrance Music Piece Of Me-Chris Crocker

Alignment Face (2005-2006) Heel (July 2006-Present)

Face Poser1 (Torrie Wilson / Americas sweetheart) Poser2 (Kelly Adams / Bitchy Heel)

Manager(s) Marie Starlight, Tia, Drake Trestin

Move Set Finisher(s) The sugar rush(Buzzsaw Kick) Detroit Destroyer(Senton Bomb)

Trademark(s) Hurricanrana from corner Standing Moonsault Legsplit Moonsault

Typical Moves Lariat Neckbreaker

Fed information Fave Match types: Hardcore Most Hated types: Cage Weapons: Ribbon she wears on her wrist

Championships and accomplishments Deathcore Passion Wrestling DPW Women's champion(2)

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