Candice Levidine Marie Adelaide Denton
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Candice Levidine Marie Adelaide Denton]]
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Ring Names Candy Starlight, Candice Starlight, Cheerleader Candy, The Detroit Dream, America's Angel
Height 5'3"
Weight 114lbs
Date of birth 1/2/87
Place of birth Essex, England
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Billed from Detroit, Michigan
Trainer Eden "The Jezebel" Black and Ashley "MR IPW" Reed
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Debut 2005
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Candice Denton is a British wrestler and valet better known by her stage name Candy Starlight.


Luna Wrestling Federation

Candice made her start in a promotion owned by her cousin Loucie "Luna" Denton, Candice at first served as a valet for Drake and Josh Trestin before stepping into the ring against Luna for the LWF women's title battle royal. LWF soon closed due to financial problems and Candice moved to deathcore passion wrestling.


Candice Entered into Ohio Valley Wrestling in early 2006, Though her time with OVW was short and many may say un-fulfilling, She found herself in position as the manager for OVW Genocide's Top Stable, the Chaotic Crows, as well as earning her spot for the OVW women's title on a number of occasion, though never quite being able to capture the gold. Her clients and new found friends tried to help her train when out of the way of the crowds, but an attempt at romance with the biggest man of the three proved to be another disappointment, and in some opinions a distraction from both her training and her performance for the crowd that was growing to love her.

Deathcore passion wrestling

Candice debuted in DPW as Candy Starlight and at first was used mainly as a female jobber. She soon aligned herself with the stable "Disurbing the peace" and captured the dpw women's championship, she won it one more before leaving the federation.

The WWE Xplosion

Candice opened TWX with her on screen sister Marie, the company is still open but Candice remains in a backstage role only.


Candice joined UCW in mid 2007 as the chairman but also competed in the ring, she left the company a few months later due to contractial disputes but returned later in the year.


Cousin-Loucie "Luna" Denton

Entrance Music

Zebrahead-The Fear


Face (2005-2006) Heel (2006-2006) Face (2006-2007)


Torrie Wilson (2005-2007 /All americian girl ) Kelly Adams (2007-2008 /Bitchy Heel ) Torrie Wilson (2008-Current /Sweet face )


Marie Starlight

Move Set


  • (The Sugar Rush)Buzzsaw Kick
  • (The Candy Store)Muta Lock


  • Frankensteiner
  • Headscissors
  • Springboard Elbow
  • Tope Atomico

Typical Moves

  • Hurricanrana
  • Fujirama Armbar
  • Neckbreaker

Fed information

Fave Match types: Hardcore
Most Hated types: Tag Team
Weapons: Asian mist, steel chair

Championships and accomplishments



2xDPW women's champion


1xTWX tag team champion(with Katie-Marie)

Handler information


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