Name: Cardinal

PRWTron Picture: None (at the moment)

Weight: 240 pounds

Height: 6'2

Theme Song: Til' I Collapse by: Eminem


Finishers: Memorys (Cardinal lifts opponent onto his shoulders into apowerbomb position but instead of doing a powerbomb on the way down he turns them more than in a powerbomb rotation so that it finishes in a piledriver)

Signatures: Powerbomb, Jackhammer, Spiral tap, Back flip leg drop, a flip into a frog splash.

Sidenotes: Cardinal is 19 and has been wrestling since 17. H has fought for everything in his life and will not stop fighting till he makes it to the top.

Former Accomplishments: 2x ECW I.C. Champ, CZW Ironman Champ, 5x WEW World Champ, 2x TNA X-division Champ, PRW European Champ

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