Carl Bowman
Real name Carl Lee Bowman
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Height 6'1
Weight 235 lbs.
Date of birth August 16, 1978
Place of birth Wheelwright, KY
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Debut 2006
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Carl Bowman (born Carl Lee Bowman on August 15, 1978) is an American professional wrestling personality currently working for the WNWA.


Bowman was born in eastern Kentucky and moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with his parents at the age of 22. He attended Braddock County Community College and obtained an associates degree in broadcast production. Bowman went to work for KRAP channel 69 in Braddock, TX as a production assistant. When J.R. Ewing bought KRAP in August 2006 he changed the format of the station and made it a cable network called OIL TV. He promoted Bowman to director of production for all WNWA programming. Bowman directs WNWA Wrestling and all shows hosted by WNWA talent. Bowman is also working on a WNWA album and a WNWA video game.

Personal Life and views

  • Bowman lives in Lake Vista Mobile Home Park in Braddock with his parents and three siblings. Some nights he sleeps at the OIL TV Studio.


  • Bowman is a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and incest pornography.

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