THE CARNAGE CREW ccsigdn8.jpg

Record: 4 wins-1 loss

Combined weight:524 lbs.

Hometown: Carnageville, (insert state here)

Style of wrestling: Hardcore, Power, Technical, Brawler

Finishing move: The Drop Dead (3-D on back)

Theme Song: Meant to live- Switchfoot

Bio: When two misfits joined forces, Carnage ensued. Eventually Shaun Ryder and Dale McDonald made an almost overnight impact on the WCSF, and soon captured the Mayhem Tag Team Titles.

Accomplishments: - Being cooler,stronger,and overall a better tag team than the Union Jacks

- Winning WCSF Tag-team titles at Hacked! 07

- Winning Mayhem debut over Re-Juvenated

- Made Shayden Skidmore and Jason Cosmos quit the business, after embrassing them with an easy victory.

- Participated in the Interpromotional 6-Man Tag at Annihilation.

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