Caz Armour: (born June 4th, 1980) is an American professional wrestler and he is currently signed to the Fearless Championship Wrestling and is currently a member of The Coalition. Note - this page is currently under construction

Caz Armour
Image of Caz Armour
Real name Caz Armour
Ring Names Red Alert, Fresh, Lil R
Height 6' 4"
Weight 265lbs.
Date of birth June, 4 1980
Place of birth Brooklyn, New York
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Resides Tokyo, Japan
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[FcW] Fearless Championship Wrestling, [NEW] New Era Wrestling, [FedEx] Federation Extreme
Handled by Caz Bliss Armour
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Debut March 1997
Retired June 2008

Title History

  • FcW World Heavyweight Champion(2x)
  • FcW Intercontinentle Champion(1x)
  • FcW World Tag Team Champion(2x) - with Fresh
  • FcW World Television Champion(1x)
  • FcW Extreme Champion(9x)
  • FcW Crown Tournament Winner 2003
  • NEW Killer Champion(1x)
  • NEW Ragnarok Champion(1x)
  • NEW Unified Killer/Ragnarok Champion(1x) - First to hold both championships at same time


  • Caz Armour is the first(and to date only) person to ever hold all of the championships open to him(FcW World, Intercontinentle, Tag Team, Television and Extreme Championships), he is not eligible to hold the Cruiserweight and Women's Championship.
  • Caz Armour was one of the four FcW Originals that returned to the FcW once the federation re-opened after being closed for over three years. The other three were C.J. Franz, Colt "The 45" Sykes and Anarchy

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