Cece Lamarte
Real name Cecile Lamarte
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Height 5'6
Weight 125lbs.
Date of birth September 3, 1983 - September 15, 2005
Place of birth Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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Billed from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Trainer Latrisha Lamarte
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Debut February 2001
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Cece Lamarte (born Cecile Jenkins, September 3, 1980 - September 15, 2005) was a Canadian-born professional wrestler and former manager. She wrestled in the now defunct Miller Wrestling Federation and Superstar Championsh!t Wrestling. Cece is well known for managing her sister Latrisha Lamarte for five years. Her own career is less known, but she has had a fair amount of success.

Early life

Cecile was adopted by Madeline Lamarte, the daughter of a former Canadian Prime Minister. She had a normal childhood for the most part, however, Cecile's interest in professional wrestling began at a very young age. She would often include her older sister Latrisha Lamarte and her other siblings in her stage acts, playing the role of the announcer, referee, and manager. It is a little known fact that Cece played a large role in getting her sister into wrestling, and beginning a legacy of sorts for the Lamarte family.


Cece began managing her sister in Superstar Championsh!t Wrestling. With her help, Latrisha earned the SCW Women's Championship. Wanting some gold of her own, Cece asked her sister to train her. A few months later the sisters became the first and only SCW Women's Tag Team Champions. Although they went unchallenged during their reign, Latrisha and Cece left their mark none-the-less.

During their time Latrisha and Cece also joined Team Canada, alongside the famed Kid Smoothy and Captain Canada, aka Eric Hall. TC became one of the most beloved stable's in SCW history.


Once SCW closed, Cece found Latrisha a new company to dominate in the Miller Wrestling Federation. Latrisha gained the Women's Championship once more in this company, with Cece right by her side. However, Latrisha suffered a loss to Maria, losing the championship after a matter of months. This infuriated Latrisha, but Cece decided to take matters into her own hands by joining the company soon after, and defeating Maria herself for the title. Cece's title reign went uncontested, as MWF closed a month later.

Personal life

Cecile was married to Michael Moye in January 18, 2004. A few months later she gave birth to her only son, Michael Moye Jr.

On September 15, 2005 Cece died in a tragic car accident. Cece's funeral was attended by over three hundred people, a sure sign that she was a kind spirit who touched many hearts.

In early 2008 Cece was a victim of identity theft, as a twenty year old female began using her name in a few small federations.

Wrestling Facts

Entrance Music

  • "Heaven's A Lie" by Lacuna Coil


  • "Seeing Red" : Indian Deathlock

Wrestling Style

  • High Flyer/Luchadore


  • MWF Women's Champion
  • SCW Women's Tag Team Champion

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