Central American Wrestling Association

Central American Wrestling Association
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Federation Name The Central American Wrestling Association (CAWA)
The Show Lithium (Aired every 2 weeks)
Existence of The CAWA - style="vertical-align: top;" Owner Randle Justus
Based out of Central USA
Federation type Pre-Booked Sim
The Link [1]
The CAWA Champions - style="vertical-align: top;"

The CAWA was formed by the current owner CAWA, Randle Justus. Although the company seems to have influence from the SOS and IOW[2], they are truly an original and unique federation.

When you sign up for The CAWA, you are considered a "writer" for the show. As a writer you control a created wrestler (must be created only). The bookers of CAWA already have match cards pre-planned ahead of time. The bookers decide the winner to further involve storylines and they send the writers match details. The details include how the match should be written (a general idea), and who the winner is. It is truly a unique experience like none other!

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