The Chamber Of Horrors match was created to determine a new GCW State Champion. In doing so Canadian Power Trip came up with a match. Also with this match was a point system where the top six after a month and a half would be determine who would be put into this match.

Point System

Just like a playoff race only the top 6 superstars move on to the final match where the person with the lost amount of points of those six get to start the match where the person with the most points get the last spot in the match. The point system is as follows: A pin or Submission Win: three points Losing a match due to someone getting pinned, win by DQ or a no contest: one point Losing a match due to pin fall, submission or DQ: Zero Points

Match Setup

There is a cage like they used to use in the early 90's setup and surrounding and covering that a hell in a cell. Weapons are all around the ringside and there is unique weapons that are hanging from the cell. The door on the cage isn't locked so superstars can drift in and out as they please but the cell door will be locked so the stars do have to say in side the chamber. Every 90 seconds a superstar will enter the chamber and join the fight until all six men are in the chamber. At this point in time people can start being eliminated. This can be via pinfall or submission

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