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Height 6'0
Weight 205lbs.
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Federation(s) Full Metal Wrestling
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The lack of any family or, more to the point, anyone even acknowledging any former acquaintance with Chase makes his initial whereabouts and details of upbringing almost impossible to uncover. Chase himself simply refuses to divulge any information about his background which he blames on the need for security in relation to his previous profession. Having practised martial arts for the majority of his life Chase found himself in the personal bodyguard business. Although his knowledge of martial arts was endless his need for something more brutal and hands on started to surface. Thus Chase began to train in a form of ultraviolent wrestling: sacrificing a lot of his agility for power and a wider build while still maintaining the grasp and grace of martial arts to form a deadly combination of brute force grapples and mind dazzling kick and punch attacks. Driven by the need to find one man and one man only, Chase found himself in the car park of the NEW Arena and two words running through his head: Cactus Sam.



Primary Finisher:

The Bodyguard” – Chase lifts the opponent exactly like the initial lift of a suplex, letting the opponent hang for a short few seconds he begins to drop them forward back the way they came flipping their legs behind him and catching them into a rock bottom.

Secondary Finisher:

Mercy Killing” - Chase Backflips, pushing with his right foot allowing the left to swing into the air and begin the flip. After the right foot leaves the ground Chase uses his heel to kick back off the opponents chin.

Signature Moves: Spear

Running DDT (Undertaker)

Moves: Range of martial art style kicks/punches

Generic quick moves (snapmares, arm takedowns...etc.)


Triple H Leg Attack

German Suplex

Snap Suplex


The Rock Spinebuster

Asai Moonsault to outside of the ring


Double back braker to fall away slam



Figure Four Leg Lock

Full Nelson

Triple Suplex

FMW Titles Held


Match History


External Links

Result Partner(s) Opponent(s) Event Promo Score (Out of 10) Notes



Pure Talent & Troy Danes

NEW 3.3

Total: 8.4

Debut Match in Full Metal Wrestling.

Second Place


All NEW Stars

KON Round 1

Total: N/A

Cactus Sam did not enter this due to internet difficulties



El Presidente

KON Round 2

Total: N/A

Proceeded to KON Round 3



Various FMW Stars

Hayabusa Birthday Cup


Score will be out of five.


Cactus Sam

The British Lions

New 3.4




Skyler Striker Or Pure Talent

KON Round 3


Chase will face the winner of Striker and Talent's match.
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