Chanel Rodriguez
[[Image:[IMG][/IMG]|500px|Image of Chanel Rodriguez]]
Real name Chanel Rodriguez
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Height 5 ft 1 in.
Weight 108
Date of birth February 2
Place of birth Memphis, TN
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Resides Los Angeles, Ca
Billed from Chicago, IL
Trainer Self Taught
World Federation of Wrestling (WFOW)
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Win/Loss Record 12/5/2
Debut 2007
Retired {{{retired}}}

Born in Memphis TN to a Costa Rican father and an Irish American mother, she never really considered herself country. At the age of 6 she moved to Chicago to get away from the south. Chanel started wrestling at the age of 4 usually with her dad. At 14 she started training at a friend of the family's wrestling school. Chanel would go pro 3 years later and even went on to win her first title in her first ever match. In CFW she went on undefeated until a nose injury would sideline her for 4 months. She returned to CFW but got lost in the shuffle and was soon after released from her contract. After a brief stint in the indys she made a name for herself through modeling. In 2010 She decided it was time to hit the squared circle again.

Notable Phrases

  • O Dios Mios
  • Lolz

Championships and Accomplishments

  • CFW Women's Champ 1x
  • CFW Miss CFW Pagent winner 1x
  • CFW Golden Thong Bikini Contest 4x
  • CFW Best new face 1x
  • CFW Tag Team Titles 1x (led The real Americans The patriot and the Barbarin to the gold)

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