Cher is the former general manager of the Pyromania brand of Lords of Pain Wrestling (then known as the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance).

Cher is most notably known for her romantic relationships with Son of Repoman, BiggiE, and Samyi Song. Song eventually wooed her into a Bhutanese wedding ceremony, where the two were married at the One Way Ticket pay-per-view.

At the Altered Reality III pay-per-view, Cher teamed with PWA owner Villiano 187 to represent the Pyromania brand in her first match. They competed against Schizophrenia's Wevv Mang and Lou in a tag team match for complete control of the PWA. Vil and Cher won the match, but Cher was severely injured during the match and forced to leave the promotion. A few months later, Song was terminated from the company. Her current whereabouts remain a mystery.

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