[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Chris"cross"Samuels]]
Real name Chris Samuels
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Height 5"10
Weight 136 pounds
Date of birth 30/5/87
Place of birth Mancheter, England
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Resides Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Billed from England
Trainer Tank Abbott,NOAH
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Debut 2007
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Chris Samuels Grew up in Manchester England, hence his catchphrase Shooting Star from Manchester. Fought on the streets ever since he could. He wrestled in England till he was 19

Japanese Wrestling

He left British wrestling and moved on to Japan were he would spend the next year in being trained by UFC powerhouse Tank Abbott. Chris was wrestling dark matches in NOAH and was disliked by the company for his aggretion. He was later fired for getting in a fight with security backstage.

American Wrestling

After Japan came his move to America were he was wrestling dark matches in OVW for about 6 months until CBW owner MattLovesWrestling lent him a hand by offering him a CBW contract. This contract Chris couldn't refuse. So only at the age of 21, one of the most deadliest men in Britain was ready to storm CBW and capture CBW gold.


  • Manchestar(Vertabreaker)Dec 07-Jan 08
  • Seeing Stars(Gutbuster)Jan 08-Present
  • Astrophopia(Shooting Star Press)

Signature Moves

  • Cross Roads(Diving cross body)
  • Around the World(Crucifix Head Scissors)
  • Monkey flip followed by a standing senton

Theme Music $ On My Chest(Lil Wayne ft Birdman)

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