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Early Life/Career

Coming Soon

Vendetta Championship Wrestling

On March 12, 2008, Chris Andrews joined Vendetta Championship Wrestling

Wrestling Facts

Finishing and Signature Moves

Flatliner (Dreamer Driver) Black Clothesline (Clothesline From Hell Sharpshooter A-5 (Rocker Dropper) EMF (Superkick) Finishing Touch No. 1 (Torture Rack Neckbreaker) Finishing Touch No. 2 (TKO) Xtreme Driver (Cradle Piledriver) Xtreme Cutter (Rolling Reverse Cutter) Xtreme Stunner (Stunner) Various Submissions used as transition holds

Theme Music

"Bodies" by Drowning Pool


AWA World Heavyweight Championship (5) AWA World Tag Team Championship (2) AWA World Television Championship (2) AWA Grand Slam Champion (1 and only) AWA Hall Of Fame XCW World Heavyweight Championship (2) XCW World Tag Team Championship (4) XCW Xtreme "X" Championship (7) XCW Owner/Co-General Manager

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