Born Allen Christopher Cage (17 October 1987 ) in Tornoto, Canada and is a The Current CWE Canadian Champion After Defeating Click, Freddy Funk and Charlie Extreme in a TLCage Match at CWE's First Pay Per Vie, The CanadaianPluza 2008

The Start

When Chris Cage was just 15 Years Old he started in a Small Wrestling School in Canada, Then after he fought there for about 3 or 4 Years of his Life He started getting into the Wrestling Business, Wrestling with the Likes of RCW, IWE and Now CWE

The Wrestling Dream

At the End of 2006, Chris Cage Held his First RCW World Championship in History, Then in The Starting of 2007 He held the IWE Championship when he defeated his Former Tag Team Partner Will Cage. Will and Chris feuded throughout the 2007 Year Making Hardcore Matches, Cage Matches, TLC Matches, Ultimate X Match. The CWE had Signed Chris Cage knowing he'd be a Big Superstar and so far he has been. in a TLCage Match, Chris Cage became the First CWE Canadian Champion.

Signature Moves

Caged Clash (STYLES CLASH)

CAGED HEAT (Spiril Tap)


Shout by Disturbed

Championships and Accomplishments

RCW Champion(10x) RCW World Champion(7x) RCW World Tag Team Champion(13x) (w/ Allen Cage, Tarry Cage & Will Cage) RCW Intercontinental Champion(4x) RCW United States Champion(2x) IWE Champion(2x) IWE World Heavyweight Champion(17x) IWE International Champion(4x)

IWE Xtreme Champion(2x)

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