Chris Knight is a heel wrestler who wrestle's in CWA and FCW. At CWA he uses the title "The Amazing" though thus far in FCW he hs not used this title. In FCW and CWA he also uses two different pic bses, Randy Orton for FCW while Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes) for CWA. His finisher, the Knight Takes King, is an Inverted Electric Chair Full Nelson.


Chris Knight always wanted to be a wrestler. Training anytime he could, watching wrestling anytime he could, he lived and breathed wrestling. And beause of this believed he is better. Better than other wrestling fans. So when he finished all his training he believed he was a better wrestler.


Chris Knight eventually signed his first wrestling contract, a contract with CWA. After requesting a mtch and clling himself the greatest wrestler in CWA he eventually had his first mtch against Iceman. Though the mtach was pretty even eventually Iceman picked up the victory aganst Knight. The oss seems to have had not effect on Knights ego as he is s he says "Moving on to better things."


Chris Knight has also signed a contract with Fearless Championship Wrestling. To signal his debut the video of Knight Takes King was played. He will make his debut in a Battle Royal A Tuesday Night Taratus


-Favourite colour is Blood Red

-Is single

-Works out regulerly

-Is signed to FCW

-Is signed to CWA

-CWA win-loss record is 0-1

-Has yet to wrestle a match in FCW though set to compete in battle royal.

-In CWA he is billed from Miami, Florida though in FCW is billed from Jacksonville, Florida.

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