Scott Drake
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Height 6' 4"
Weight 252 lbs.
Date of birth Nov 22th, 1977
Place of birth Baton Rouge, La
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Resides New York City, NY
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Debut May 2000
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Chris Storm (real name, Scott Drake, born November 22, 1977) is an American professional wrestler best known for his traditional Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling style. He is also considered by many to be one of the best suplexers in North America. Scott Drake is engaged to fellow wrestler, Tessa Windsor having been in an on/off relationship for the past four years. They are expecting their first child soon and have three other children (one biological child from Drake with another woman and two adopted children, one is Tessa's niece.) Drake is also currently in the rising tag team, Banned & Exiled~! with long-time friend Markus Stone. At the moment he has signed an exclusive contract with Global Championship Wrestling for an unknown period of time.

Early life

Not much is known about Scott Drake's early life, as he rarely talks about it in public. It is assumed from previous interviews and news clips that he grew up being friends with fellow wrestler and long-time friend Laguna. It is also known that Scott Drake is not originally from New York City, but rather Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He moved to New York City for college.


All that is known about Scott Drake is that he was on the college wrestling team by way of a scholarship for Greco-Roman wrestling. It was Junior year when Drake was kicked off the wrestling team for fighting (the coach) and consequentially resulted in the suspension of his scholarship. No sooner there after, Scott dropped out of college. He would never go back to finish. He was an NCAA All-American four times, twice for Greco-Roman wrestling and twice for Freestyle wrestling. He is also a former NCAA National Champion his Sophomore year, winning in Greco-Roman wrestling. It was his talents in Greco-Roman Wrestling that would later pave the way for his strong suplex style in professional wrestling.

He found a fondness for men after an experiment in college. After that he learned he needed 1 dick before and after a match to keep in great shape.

Professional Wrestling Career

The start of his wrestling career came after leaving college. It is unsure if the wrestler known as Genesis (Jerrod Darson) came to Scott Drake or the other way around, but it is known that Scott Drake has been his most successful student, and his first. Darson introduced Scott to Jason Chae, would owned the World Internet Wrestling promotion (to which Darson was a Hall of Fame member). After a strong sells pitch, Chae hired Scott. The idea of wrestling as Chris Storm instead of his real name was Scott Drake's idea, not wanting to be linked back to his family or past. In the WIW, Scott would go on to have his most success, becoming the promotion's second ever Grand Slam Champion (World, Intercontinental, United States, Hardcore, Television, and Tag Team), and even managed to win their Last Man Standing Tournament. He was later introduced as one of the last members of the Hall of Fame when the promotion closed. It was also in the WIW (at the time named WIW:NG for New Generation) that the on camera romance between Chris Storm and Tessa Windsor started to build. Their on camera relationship would later spur a whirlwind off camera relationship.

After the WIW closed it's doors for the last time, Scott went with Tessa to continue their newly formed tag team The Schmoopies to Primetime Championship Wrestling. The two had a heated feud with Pranksters With Attitude and saw two Tag Team title reigns, including one that because the record long title reign. During this time there were several fights reported backstage between the couple and Scott abruptly left the company before his contract expired.

Jumping from PCW, he headed to the Dominate Wrestling Organization. Those inside the business were not surprised, as his then friend Callisto Bane ran the company. He was no doubt encouraged by several other friends he had that wrestled for the promotion. His career was short, however, after an extended debut period because of a clause in his PCW contract that he could not wrestle for another promotion on camera for 90 days after leaving. Scott never lost a match in the DWO, but left the company on bad terms a few months later.

Scott had a very short stint in the UWF, wrestling on a pay-per-appearance deal, before he signed on with the newly opened Rush Pro Wrestling. The Charlotte-based promotion was Scott's longest promotion since the WIW and saw him become their first ever Mid-South Champion and a PTC Global Champion. However, despite several reports breaking out that Scott was increasingly unhappy with his character's gimmick and direction, he stayed with the promotion until their final show, and even took part in the King of the Indys Tournament. He lost in the first round to Coral Avalon.

Right after RPW, Scott returned to UWF, this time under a written contract. Despite his serious nature, Scott saw success in the comedy based promotion. He won the North American Championship, holding it for longer than any other wrestler, and made it to the finals of the Contest of Champions, losing to Clyde. For the third time in his career, Scott wrestled a match on a promotion's final show when the UWF closed.

After UWF, Scott signed a deal with Legacy of Champions, which marked his first venture outside the Primetime Central umbrella. Despite being very position on the promotion (even moving to Miami to be near the headquarters), the Legacy of Champions also closed it's doors. There are several videos on the internet of Chris Storm matches that never aired on LoC that were filmed, including matches against Ninja K & Jeff Garvin.

During the several down periods of LoC, Scott signed a pay-per-appearance contract with Global Championship Wrestling (where he currently wrestles). The deal saw the reformation of a previous tag team, Banned & Exiled~! with his long-time friend from WIW, Markus Stone. The two are enjoying a lengthy title reign as the Tag Team Champions, winning the belt off the previous champions, UNITED, at the supershow High Stakes. Consequentially, the two have remained in their old ways and continue to get in trouble with authority. The duo is currently suspended indefinitely. This is their second suspension. They have also been fined almost $10,000 a piece in damages. At High Stakes they were arrested for rigging casino games, but the charges were dropped in time for the two to wrestle for the Tag Team titles.


Through his wrestling career, and personal life, Scott Drake has had several well-known relationships. His most well-known is his engagement to Tessa Windsor. The two have a long history that dates back to over five years, before the two started to date. It is believed that the two met at a meeting for GTT3. Others claim the two first met while Scott, as Chris Storm, argued with a fellow employee of Tessa's Chris Metal. Regardless, it is known that Scott talked Tessa into joining the WIW when he was employed as a Talent Relationships. The two were supposed to run a storyline that would see Tessa Windsor date Erik Erratic, while Erik feuded with Scott. But the storylines were changed to reflect Scott and Tessa dated after a brief fight. Their relationship was on and off for several periods of time, including when Scott left for the DWO and Tessa wrestled in Old School Wrestling. They later reconnected in Rush Pro before once again splitting in UWF. They would once again reunite at the end of the UWF and have since gotten engaged. Their television engagement in Primetime Championship was only a storyline, and not an actual engagement. Though they had gotten engaged at the very end of the WIW, when the company visited France. That engagement was called off when Scott left for DWO.

Another person who has been on and off the camera with Scott is his long-time childhood friend, Laguna. Laguna is the only person known to be friends with Scott when he was young, making him the one person who has known Scott longer than anyone else. Scott actually is the person to get Laguna into wrestling, where he has wrestled in the WIW alongside Scott, and also in the DWO and UWF (where he also wrestled as part of the Bunny Army of DOOM~!.) The two would be the closest thing Scott has to a best friend, and is going to be his best man in the wedding. Though on camera Chris Storm is often being annoyed by the antics of Laguna, the two have always been very close backstage.

Along the way Scott met with Erik Emerson, oherwise known as Arizona. Erik is Scott's on camera bodyguard and a friend of Scott. How close their relationship is, is still under debate. It is known that like Laguna, Emerson broke into wrestling through Scott. Scott has also paid for his services rather than having Emerson hired through the company (such was the case in WIW) In Rush Pro, Emerson had to have a contract based on insurance reasons. In Legacy of Champions he was hired on a singles contract and later his role as Scott's bodyguard was refreshed when Scott joined the company as Chris Storm. It is unknown if Scott has any plans to bring Emerson into Global Championship Wrestling, though he has made one brief appearance.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Perfect Storm (Tombstone Piledriver)
  • Bad Day (Half Nelson Crossface)
  • German Suplex
  • Texas Cloverleaf
  • Double Leg Takedown
  • Side Shuffle Kick
  • Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker
  • Tornado Backbreaker

Championships and accomplishments

  • World Internet Wrestling
    • Hardcore Champion (1-time, 6/17/00-6/23/00)
    • Television Champion (1-time, 7/14/00-7/28/00 [Suspended as champion])
    • United States Champion (1-time)
    • Intercontinental Champion (1-time, 7/26/02-9/13/02)
    • World Heavyweight Champion (1-time)
    • Tag Team Champion (1-time w/Da D'Mon, 11/22/02 [awarded the title as result of injury])
    • Last Man Standing Winner (1-time, 08/18/02)
    • Grand Slam Winner
    • Hall of Fame member (01/20/03)

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