Chris Winters
[[Image:|px|Image of Chris Winters]]
Real name Christopher Zachary Winters
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Height 6'2"
Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth September 24th, 1983
Place of birth Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
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Resides Miami, Florida
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Chris Winters was born Christopher Zachary Winters on September 24, 1983. He has wrestled under varying ring names but his most well known was possibly when he was billed as "The Tang" during his run with the Action Wrestling League (AWL). But otherwise he has always gone by Chris Winters, sometimes using the nickname "The Iceman".


Overboard Wrestling Legion

Chris Winters, though his run was short, had arguably one of the best Federation runs of his career. He dominated in both the Tag-Team division and on the Singles scene. Although he never won the OWL's major Championship, he did become an OWL Tag-Team Champion on three different occasions, the OWL Hardcore Champion on two occasions and also the OWL International Champion once (the second longest reign as OWL International Champion in history). When OWL shut down only four years after it began, Chris was optimistic about it returning some day in some capacity.

Action Wrestling League

In his stay with the AWL, Chris was billed as "The Tang", and had many problems during. His first was the fact that he could not seem to find stable ground to get any victories. Not until he first met possibly his biggest rival in his career, Synaki Deivenia (then known as Ripped), did he start to have any kind of success. However, "The Tang" disappeared due to an unknown injury to the AWL audience and was considered missing in action by many.

On October 27, 2006, "The Tang" made his return to action against AWL's greatest antagonist Hunter Weiss. They delivered one of the most brutalizing and hardcore brawls the likes of what anyone's seen. At one point "The Tang" had Weiss hanging from the nosebleeds section's guardrails. "The Tang" was just about ready to release him, but the security personnel came to aid Weiss whether he liked it or not. However Weiss ended up winning as "The Tang" was counted out while he was unconscious from a Sickness Bomb on the top of a car.

Pure Frontier Wrestling

During PFW's "Crisis Era" Winters made his true colors shine as he started to go by the ring name "GenXcidE" Chris Winters. Claiming he was the one who actually put OWL out of business because of his leaving. He currently simply goes by "Chris Winters" in the newest chapter of PFW's history with some hints of his nickname being used.

Recently during an 8 Man Match on PFW's Draft Lottery Special Chris had a confrontation with Synkai Deivenia. Upon their meeting face to face during the match both referred to each other as "Tang" and "Ripped", respectively. They then proceeded to exchange blows.


Title # of Reigns
OWL Tag-Team Championship 3
OWL Hardcore Championship 2
OWL International Championship 1

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