Christian Stevens
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Weight 220 lbs.
Date of birth November 20th, 1983
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Resides Jersey City, New Jersey
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Trainer Bret Hart/Chris Benoit
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Debut 13th April 2006 (xWo)
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Christian Stevens (born November 20, 1983), is a professional wrestler born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, working under his given name. He is currently employed by Xtreme Wrestling Organisation (xWo), wrestling on the Revenge brand as the current xWo Revenge Champion. He is mostly remembered for his time spent on xWo's other brand, MeltDown!, where he was a former three time World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Money In The Bank, MeltDown! Champion and MeltDown! Tag Team Champion.

Life Outside Of Wrestling

Christian was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on November 20th, 1983, in Saint Helen's Memorial Hospital. He had a somewhat troubled childhood, usually portraying the role of a school-yard bully and messing around with the other children. It was always like this until he saw the Intercontinental Championship match between the "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat at WrestleMania III, at which point, he promised to never be a bully again, even at such a young age. He bounced around school, going from top of the class to somewhere in the middle of the pack throughout his years in elementary, middle and high school. He was mildly interested in wrestling after the Steamboat/Savage classic until October 12, 1992, when, in the front row of a WWF TV taping in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, he saw Bret "The Hitman" Hart defeat "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair for his first of five WWF Titles. After watching the match and the ensuring speech in which Hart proclaimed "I dedicate this moment, to all the people that believe, that the biggest dreams can still come true!", Stevens recalled years later "that right there was what got me hooked on wrestling. That exact moment. I knew right there that I wanted to be a professional wrestler, and I have The Hitman to thank for the inspiration."

He met his first real crush after moving to the tiny town of Fanwood, New Jersey, in February of 1993, and encounterd his very early first steps to become a wrestler. The girl's name was Sherry Andrews, and the two, while still very young(both of them being 10 years old at the time), were very close until she had to move away at the end of July. It wouldn't be the first heart-break that Stevens had encountered in his life.

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