The Civil War Match is a gimmick match that occurs once a year in the Fearless Championship Wrestling at its March Pay-Per-View event FcW Civil War.

Match Layout & Rules

The match layout is that of two rings, side by side, both covered in an enclosed steel cage. The match takes place between two teams of five. The first team of five is the champion's team and consists of the reigning FcW Universal Heavyweight Champion and four partners of his/her choosing. The second team is the challenger's team and consists of the previous months Seven Deadly Sins Match winner and four partners of his/her choosing.

The match up is elimination style. Therefor a minimum of five and maximum of nine pin falls/submissions must occur for the match to end. If the challenger's team is to win the challenging team's captain(winner of Seven Deadly Sins Match) become the FcW Universal Heavyweight Champion, if the champion's team wins the champion retains his/her championship.

Incentives for Team Mates

  • In the 2008 version of this match up it was announced that with a fourth slot still open in April's Fearless Match that the four partners of the winning team will face off at the next Tuesday Night Tartarus in a Ladder Match. The winner of that match will become the fourth participant in the Fearless Match at the 2008 FcW Dearl Departed.



Team Raines (Amber Raines, TBA, TBA, TBA & TBA) Champion's Team v. Team Debonair (Fred Debonair, TBA, TBA, TBA & TBA) Challenger's Team.

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