Classic Wrestling Organization
Federation Name Classic Wrestling Organization
Abbreviation CWO
Weekly shows Explosion and Static
Major Supershow WrestleFest
Time open July 2007-September 2007
Owners Thunder, Drake Kencedro
Commentators N/A
Federation type Roleplay based
Supershows Monthly

The Classic Wrestling Organization was a briefly open wrestling federation formed in July of 2007 by Michael "Thunder" Knight and Drake "Talan Trenor" Kencedro. It was unable to get off the ground despite great efforts by the creators. Hopefully this e-fed will start up again sometime in the near future.


Year 2007
January N/A
Februay N/A
March N/A
April N/A
May N/A
June N/A
July N/A
August N/A
September Survival of the Fittest
October WrestleFest
November Under Fire
December Final Destination


  • World Title: Vacant
  • Pure Title: Vacant
  • Hybrid Title: Vacant


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