Circle of Pride

Formed in September 2004 after the merger of Billy Jays Wrestling Company and the Nightmare Wrestling Federation, the GLWA has been going strong for quite some time. On August 10, the GLWA became the CoP. Jason Pryde is currently the President as Robert Letner (whom Pryde fired) was its founder. There have also been multiple Vice-Presidents; The Ocean, Nightmare, and formerly Caesar.

Geographic Location

The BJWC and the NWF each occupied a region of the NeWA (National eWrestling Alliance) and thus when they combined, the GLWA took in both regions. But on August 10 as well, the CoP released the Minnesota Region.

  • (NWF) Midwest Region: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania
  • (BJWC) Minnesota Region: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota

CoP Championships


  • CoP Great Lakes Championship (Formerly the GLWA Heavyweight/Five Lakes Championship)


  • CoP TNC Championship (Formerly the HSW Heavyweight/GLWA HighSpots Championship)
  • GLWA MidWest Championship (Formerly the BJWC Heavyweight Championship)
  • GLWA Brutality Championship
  • GLWA Tag Team Championship
  • NWF Brutality Championship

Current Active Roster

  • Kai Kennedy- CoP Great Lakes Champion
  • David Dunn - NWA World Heavyweight Champion
  • Joey Brannon
  • Seth Perry
  • Ryan Eagles
  • Tyler Cross
  • The Dark Chef
  • Homeless Jimmy
  • Ryan Rowell

Current Active Jobbers

  • Bubba Henry
  • Deke Carter
  • Bobby McCain

Current Inactive Roster

  • BoboYetiMan (Personal Leave)
  • Joshua Baker (Personal Leave)

CoP Hall of Fame

  • 'Kid Ego' Diesel Warren - Class of 2005
  • Joey Brannon - Class of 2005
  • Dmetri Wehrman - Class of 2007
  • Eric Bruce - Class of 2007
  • Robert Letner - Class of 2007

CoP Shows

  • CoP Hunted - Current
  • CoP Encore - Current
  • GLWA Primetime
  • GLWA Attack Of The B Show
  • NWF DeadZone
  • BJWC Riot

CoP Pay-Per-Views

  • WrestleBowl VIII - Current
  • Clash For The Cup 2007 - Current
  • Guts, Gold & Glory - Current
  • Double Jeopardy (06-24-2007)
  • Redemption
  • Love Hurts (2-27-2005)
  • Hell On Earth (9-18-2005)

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