Wrestler's Name: Cobra Sambuka Wrestler's Gender: Male Managers Name: Mr. Lee Wrestler's Height/Weight: 5 ft 10, 244 lbs Wrestler's Hometown: Parts Unknown Wrestler's Age: 28 Wrestler's Alignment (Face, Heel, or Neutral): Heel

10 + moves your wrestler does (please number or separate by a comma per move. Only a MAXIMUM of 3 specials for common moves.):

1) Brainbuster DDT 2) Leg Lariat 3) Snap Suplex 4) Tiger Driver 5) Key lock 6) Rear Naked Choke 7) 630 Splash 8) Dropsault 9) Moonsault 10) Guri Guri 11) Dragon-rana 12) T bone suplex 13) Diving headbut 14) Octopus stretch 15) Shining Wizard 16) Judo rush 17) Double Underhook Piledriver 18) Russian legsweep (sometimes with Kendo Stick a la Sandman)

(1)Finisher Name: The Overkill (1)Description: Canadian Destroyer

(2)Finisher Name: Buzz Cutter (2)Description: RKO off the middle rope

Theme Music (include song name and artist): Blood Red Sandman (by Lordi)

Favorite Weapon: Kendo Stick

Appearance (if you have a picture of your wrestler, post that. If not, describe him/her):

POSER (some one who is a celbrity, but try to make it a wrestler, who resembles your Wrestler. In doing so, you can get a banner and accepted): Masahiro Chono

Entrance : "Blood Red Sandman" plays and Cobra Sambuka appears on stage wielding a Kendo stick while Mr. Lee stands in the background. Cobra surveys the crowd, then as a smirk appears on his face, he spits on the ground and continues down the ramp, ignoring the fan's jeers. As Cobra slides into the ring, he motions for Mr. Lee to give him a bottle of vodka. Cobra takes a drink from the bottle as the house lights go off, leaving only a spotlight on him. Cobra takes out a lighter, lights it, and spits out a mouthful of vodka, creating a massive fireball. As he does this, the house lights go back on, and Cobra takes off his trenchcoat.

Personal info : Not much is known about Cobra Sambuka. He trained to become a wrestler in Japan and has come to EUW along with his manager, Mr. Lee. They both plan on causing as much chaos as possible, with no regard for anyone else.

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