Cody Frost

Cody Frost, born "Cody James Theakston" is a pro wrestler from Jeanau, Alaska most famous for his work in GameFAQ's Wrestling Federation, where he acts as a personal enforcer to Jason Volt, the General Manager of Saturday Night Dogfight.


Cody Frost has only had one match so far in his career and that was with Augustine Thurborne, in which he submitted VIA Augustine's submission, earning him his debut loss, on September 9th, 2007, Cody Frost will face off against Augustine Thurborne and the loser will be fired.

In Wrestling

[B]Finishers & Signatures[/B] Finishers: Frostbite: A Shining Yakuza Kick[1], can be done 3 different ways, rope rebound, out of nowhere and Execution Style. Thawing Fear: A King Cobra Hold (A Crossface onto the Knee, never been used as of writing. Frost Spike: Very Rare, an Execution Style Hair-Pull Thumb Spike, is extremely brutal and has also never been used.

Signatures: Thawing the Ice: Repeating Discus Chops. Freeze Frame: Shuffle Side Kick Frozen in Time: Headspike Back to Belly Over the Shoulder Piledriver (Schwein) Spinal Tap: The opponent is grabbed by his shoulders and thrown down as Cody brings a flying knee right up into the spine. Trapped in the Snow: Clean Sweep Kick Frost Blast: BRAAAIINBUUSSTAAAAAH!

[B]Managers[/B] Jason Volt

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