Commedia Dell’Arte, the comedy of humors, is a tag team within Full Metal Wrestling. CD’A formed upon Harlequin witnessing Mercutio walking the halls of the FMW stark naked after being frozen for 500 years. Watching Mercutio pull multiple pranks on a myriad of wrestlers on the roster Harlequin took his chances and began to form a friendship with the self-proclaimed Prince of Pranks. Though the light-hearted demeanor of Mercutio is often in direct contrast to the more serious nature of Harlequin his pranks tend to release the true comedic nature of Harlequin. The CD’A come across with two clear messages, the Tag Gold will be theirs and if you are a victim of their pranks its because you haven’t been all that nice.


Primary Finisher

  • "SNAFU" - Harlequin stands over opponent who is laying on his back. He starts by walking past his head towards his feet. He sets his legs up like a cloverleaf then picks opponent up in the air by his legs, swinging him up. The opponent is now face down to the ground. Mercutio grabs opponent by the head. While Harlequin holds opponent's legs in the air, Mercutio executes Even Flow DDT.

Secondary Finishers

  • “FUBAR” – Mercutio Enziguiris opponent in the back of the head as Harlequin executes Forward Russian Legsweep.



  • A troop of tricksters who wreak havoc on the Anarchy roster.

Favorite Catchphrases

  • "It says here that your shit's all retarded and you talk like a fag."


Championship History

  • Currently in the hunt for tag team gold.

Win/Loss Record

  • Wins - 1
  • Losses - 0
  • Draws - 0

Match History

Commedia Dell'Arte
In-Ring Debut Date TBA
Members Mercutio & Harlequin
Billed From Roanoke, Virginia & Isle of Patmos
Theme Barstool Prophets - Last of the Big Game Hunters
Combined Weight 450lbs
Alignment Face
Federation Full Metal Wrestling
Result Opponents Event Date Notes


King Guiomar & Guybrush Threepwood

Alchemy 3.3

June 13, 2007


Past Promos

  • TBA

Past Promo Scores (5.0 Max)

  • TBA

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