The Conspiracy Theory Match is a match used at the Fearless Championship Wrestling's September Pay-Per-View Conspiracy Theory.

Match Description

In the Conspiracy Theory Match there are six eligible members of the federation to be crowned the Number One Contender to the World Championship(usually pre-determined by six singles matches). But, instead of being a six man match, it is divided into two teams of three possible number one contenders each.

These two teams of three will battle until two men are either pinned, submitt, counted out or disqualified. No matter one man from either team has been eliminated, or two men from one team has been eliminated, this will end the first portion of the number one contendership match.

The second portion is when the teams disband and the reminaing four men go at it in a standard Four Corner Elimination Match. After three remaining competitors have been eliminated(via pinfall, submission, disqualification or count out), the remaining man will be crowned number one contender to the FcW World Heavyweight Championship and will gain a title shot at The Crown pay per view.

Prior Matches

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