Core Wrestling was a roleplay e-federation created by Matthew Lanier in 2002. cW ran until March of 2006. cW is best known for its characters like Fred Fusion, Jantz Spalding, Daniel Adams, Jason Hughes, Hiroshi Ryusaki, Buddy Kingfisher, William Gwynn, Veronica Paige, THE Jack Diamond,  Munson and Eugene Fitzpatrick.

Core Wrestling ran two shows in its existence. The first was called Smash and after a year of running Smash, cW changed it's show name to PRIDE.

In 2005, cW bought out Evolution Pro Wrestling ran by Gary that first featured characters such as The Prophet John Adams, Tom Conway, Hudman and many others. EPW invaded cW during the summer of 2005.

The title belts in cW were as follows:

Legacy Championship Icon Champion later named PRIDE Championship Classic Championship Intrepid Champions (merged with Icon to create PRIDE Championship) Siren Championship (Women's title that was later retired) Tag Team Championship

Each year, cW would hold an annual tournament entitled Ringmaster. The Ringmaster winners are as follows:

2003: Jason Hughes 2004: Nick Worrell 2005: Hiroshi Ryusaki

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