New Castle, Indiana - Chrysler Fieldhouse June 29, 07 7:00pm

Payback time Kris Williams vs. the mask man went no contest (1:31)

Brawl for it all Rampage Rodriguez def “Showtime” Erik Slade with R-Bomb (10:10)

Steve Storm interview (1:10)

Elijah Cage Segment (1:12)

Battle for awsomeness “X-Man” Zac Jones def. Elijah Cage (15:25)

Japan vs. USA Kentia Mursorio def. “The Seansation” Sean Lucas bulldog DDT (4:45)

Mexico vs. Japan Masa Mursorio def. Reginald Reyes with Brainbuster (5:00)

Xavier/ Ogasawara segment (:59)

Debut match "Thunder" Josh Xavier def Shinsuke Ogasawara DQ (15:25)

Mitch Granderson segment (1:00)

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