Cornerstone Wrestling
Federation Name Cornerstone Wrestling
Abbreviation CW
Shows International Uproar
Time open 2006-Present
Owner(s) Sides of Five
Based in Global
Federation type Angle Based
Pay-per-views 12 per year
Website Click here

Cornerstone Wrestling is an online wrestling organization. Cornerstone Wrestling's original run was set for early September of 2006. After some person issues arose Cornerstone Wrestling closed it’s doors. A speed bump may have been in the path of CW, but after we fought our personal demons we are officially back.

Cornerstone Wrestling is making its second run as of November of 2006. With new talent, and a new staff. We are stronger than ever, and we promise to take 2006, and the years ahead by storm! After lasting only a short run in 2006, we're back as of April 2007. We're back with a wide range of talent, as we're still accepting registrations to this day.

The Return

Cornerstone Wrestling is having it's first return edition of International Uproar. As it is hosted in Messina Italy, where the CW talent will compete in some epic encounters. With the featured event of the returning World Champion (Kevin Saint) defending against then challenger of Kid Hollywood.

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