Crazy Canuck was a member of the Foreign Legion, a minor tag team in the IWO (Internet Wrestling Online) e-fed for about a year, starting in 1999 and retiring sometime in 2000. Starting slowly, they took advantage of a dramatic dive in the tag team rosters (Hostile Youth had since split up and retired) to become the IWO Tag Team Champions once, but lost to Phelen Kell in a handicap match on his return.

Crazy Canuck was a vulgar, alcoholic, insane Canadian lumberjack who'd lost his parents to a grizzly bear, and fought using his barbed-wire-wrapped hammer Ol' Bessie. He frequently angered his partner, Brother Al, into fits of rage.

Their creator (who wrote this page) simply got bored of writing RPs all the time, especially since in his opinion, the IWO was increasingly dependant on getting friends of the match-deciders victories. A particularly notorious incident was when a booker sent a match-writer the results to write for the next show... a full week before roleplays were sent in. This let the entire roster know that some matches were being decided ahead of time, regardless of effort put into roleplays.

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