Crazy Chinese Man
Real name
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Height 5’10”
Weight 220 lbs
Date of birth 27 March, 1972
Place of birth Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from
World Revolutionary Wrestling Federation (2001-2002)
Handled by
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Crazy Chinese Man (real name unknown, born 27 March, 1972 in the United Kingdom) is a wrestler who is remembered for his time spent in the World Revolutionary Wrestling Federation.


Crazy Chinese Man was one of the first wrestlers to join the WRWF after being originally signed up by the then WRWF President John Warren. Crazy spent most of his time as a mid-carder but became a fan favourite due to his unique style and nature.

Crazy Chinese Man had a long running feud with Mr. Hard Cardboard. This rivalry intensified when John Warren booked them in a match to see who would become the first WRWF hardcore champion. Crazy never did beat Mr. Hard Cardboard despite many attempts. However, he did come close but would always get distracted.

Crazy would later team up with Mr. Hard Cardboard against Kevin Burns after he stole the Hardcore belt from them during a match, this tag became known as “Crazy Cardboard”.


Trademark Moves

  • Super Hard Chinese Chop
  • Asian Mist
  • Asai moonsault

Finisher Move

  • Jumping spinning leg lariat

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