The Crucifix powerbomb was made popular by Scott Hall, who calls it by the names Razor's Edge or Outsider's Edge, and sees an opponent lifted onto the back of the wrestler with their arms spread out as in a crucifixion. The attacking wrestler then drops to a kneeling position as they bend forwards to throws the opponent forward to the mat on to their back or neck and shoulders.

A version of the standard crucifix powerbomb that sees the opponent thrown across the ring while the wrestler remains standing. The throwing version was made popular by Hernandez, who calls it the Megabomb and, more recently, the Border Toss.

There is also a version which is very similar to the Flipping slam but instead of the opponent facing down, the wrestler would hold the opponent in a normal crucifix hold before flipping him over which would result in the opponent landing face first.

Inverted crucifix powerbomb

This move is similar to a regular crucifix powerbomb, however, instead of being held face-up, the opponent is held facing the mat. The Finishing of the move can be done in one of two ways. For the first way the opponent is flipped to land on his back, this is also called a flipping Slam. The second way the opponent is tossed forward landing chest first.

This move is also known as an Iconclasm.

Sitout crucifix powerbomb

Originally known as the Ice Mountain, and also as a Splash Mountain or a Niagara Driver, this crucifix powerbomb variation sees the attacking wrestler fall to a seated position (instead of kneeling forward) while throwing the opponent, pulling them down by hooking their arms around the opponent's pelvis, causing them to fall down between the wrestler's legs into the sitout powerbomb position.

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