Curtis Woods
[[Image:|px|Image of Curtis Woods]]
Billing information
Ring name(s) The Sickman
Hardcore Phenom
Mr. Pro Pain
Holly... Sick!
Height 190 cm
Weight 95 kgs
Hometown The Darkest Depths of Human Pain
Theme music "Breathe" by The Prodigy
Federation(s) Extreme Wrestling Federation
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Previous federations High Voltage Wrestling
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Wrestling style Brawler & High Flyer
Finisher(s) {{{finisher}}}
Professional career
Debut March 22, 2008 (HVW Under Pressure I)
Record 6-0-10
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Curtis Woods is an American pro wrestler working for Extreme Wrestling Federation in Poland.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • The Wiiiiicked Sick (Vertebreaker)
    • Byd-Lock DDT (DDT into a Headlock with Body Scissors)
    • TTT/Ticket To Triviality! (Chokeslam backbreaker)
    • Hardcore Drop (Inverted/Reverse DDT)
    • Sick Kick (Superkick)
    • Torture Stomp (Standing reverse Indian deathlock surfboard with a head stomp)
    • Lilly of Death Valley (Death Valley Driver)
    • Hardcore Lock (Rear Naked Chocke)
    • Devastation Slam (Side slam)
    • Multiple Variations of Suplex (Explorer, German, Full Nelson, Belly to Belly, Tiger, Dragon, Fisherman, Northern Lights)
    • Yakuza Kick
    • Facewash
    • Step Up Enzugiri
    • Duble Foot Stomp
    • Suicide Dive
  • Signature object
    • Kendo Stick

Championships and accomplishments

Match History (6-0-10)

Result Opponent(s) Event Notes
zLoss 11 other opponents HVW Under Pressure I Rookies Battle Royal
zLoss Gotix, JJJ, Scott Jameson, Stefan Diesel HVW Under Pressure II teaming with Izzy Nilsen & Destroyer & Emilio Cordoba
zLoss Jameson, Diesel, Destroyer, Izzy Nilsen, Jack Unknown HVW Under Pressure III Gauntlet Match
zWin Scott Jameson & Diesel, Iron Hearth & Destroyer HVW Under Pressure IV teaming with Ference in a 3-Way Tag Team Match
zWin Ricky Banks HVW Under Pressure V Single Match for Thornpike's contrac
zLoss Venomus, Olesnicki, Devron Ference, Thornpike HVW Baltic Mayhem Cage of Terror HVW Pro Pain Championship Match
zLoss Venomus EWF Wrestlepalooza XCI 2 out 3 falls for the HVW Pro Pain Championship
zWin Johnny Thornpike and Venomus EWF Wrestlepalooza XCII Elimination Match for the HVW Pro Pain Championship
zWin Bison Bear EWF Wrestlepalooza XCIII Dark Match, EWF World Championship Tournament
zLoss Scyther and Husar EWF Wrestlepalooza XCIII EWF World Championship Tournament
zWin Brian Andrews and Bison HVW Under Pressure VI Pro Pain Games Round I
zLoss Alex Scorp and Venomus HVW Under Pressure VII Pro Pain Games Semi-Final (Tables Match)
zWin Hell Chamber and Azazel EWF Wrestlepalooza 100 Dark Match
zLoss Vegard Jacobsen & Ieshige EWF Wrestlepalooza CI teaming with Crash Martin
zLoss Crash Martin EWF Wrestlepalooza CI No DQ Match
zLoss Jimmy Hendrixon and Frank Deux EWF Wrestlepalooza CII No DQ Match

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