Chris Daniels
[[Image:|px|Image of Chris Daniels]]
Real name Chris Alexander Daniels
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Height 6'1"
Weight 235 lbs.
Date of birth September 17th, 1975
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Resides Toronto, Canada
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Cypher Daniels was born Chris Alexander Daniels on September 17, 1975. He has only ever wrestled under one name and gimmick, "The Rogue" Cypher Daniels. His gimmick was a rough, hardcore brawler who took disrespect from no man and demanded it from every man.


Overboard Wrestling Legion

Cypher Daniels was OWL's resident badass as he stepped up to the plate time and time again to help those who were outmanned or outgunned. During his run with the OWL Cypher had captured the OWL Tag-Team Championships four times, OWL Hardcore Championship five times, and the OWL World Championship twice. Cypher may have had one of if not the most illustrious OWL careers out of the entire past roster.

Pure Frontier Wrestling

During PFW's "Crisis Era" Cypher began his rise to the top on his own through various one on one matches. However a single person seemed to always be the thorn in his side, Patrick O'Reilly. It seemed no matter how many times both men beat each other they always came back to fight again. It could possibly be considered they have a shared pure hate for each other than anyone else in the PFW currently.

Recently during the Draft Lottery, Cypher was drafted to Sin City along with his OWL Tag-Team partner Colbin Drake. Is a GXR (Generation X Reloaded) reunion in order? Or will Cypher begin his slow ascent to the upper echelons of the PFW?


Title # of Reigns
OWL Tag-Team Championship 4
OWL Hardcore Championship 5
OWL World Championship 2

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