DJS Enterprises
Faction name DJS Enterprises
Members Diamond Jack Severino

Mike Ambigullo
Chucky Pancamo

DJS Enterprises is a Stable that has appeared most notably in the Global Wrestling Alliance and also sporodically in the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance

DJS Enterprises History


DJS Enterprises formed originally in GWA when Diamond Jack Severino and his girlfriend Gabrielle sought out some helping hands during Jacks GWA World Title run, those two were the Itallian American Stallian Chucky Pancamo & Ruthless Mike Ambigullo.

Global Wrestling Alliance

Throughout DJS Enterprises run in GWA Mike and Chucky made several unsuccessful runs at the tag team titles Diamond Jack emploring that they focus their time on protecting Gabrielle and ensuring that he (DJS) didn't lose his world title to the various contenders and challengers that came his way. Towards the end of GWA a split between the group was teased but this never eventuated. When the GWA inevitably went bankrupt only Jack and Gabrielle went on to further mainstream wrestling companies with both Chucky and Mike returning to various indie promotions.

Fantasy Wrestling Alliance

Diamond Jack and Gabrielle have sporodically during their tenure in the FWA wrestled under the DJS Enterprises Banner at one time hiring an employee into the enterprise, this man was Ricky a medical graduate whom Severino hired to carry his defunct GWA World Title and Gabrielles FWA Women's Title for the pair.

In Wrestling

  • Tag Team Finishers
    • Marching Orders/The Boss Said (Gutwrench Backbreaker & Diving Elbow Drop Combination) - Used by Chucky Pancamo and Mike Ambigullo
  • Managers
    • Gabrielle
    • Ricky
  • Theme Music
    • Enemy by Sevendust (In Gwa)
    • Rot by Dry Kill Logic (In Early FWA)
    • Song Of The Damned by Soilwork (In FWA)

Championships and accomplishments

  • Global Wrestling Alliance
    • GWA World Heavyweight Championship - Diamond Jack Severino (1 Time)
  • Fantasy Wrestling Alliance
    • FWA Women's Championship - Gabrielle (2 Times)
    • FWA Tag Team Championships - Diamond Jack Severino with Thomas Princeton (1 Time)

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