DJ Hipp was a pro wrestler most famous for his time in DXX on the Mayhem brand. His daughter Girl Hipp was born in 1993, when DJ was just fourteen years old. At 17, he was charged with first degree murder and sentenced to ten years in state prison. He was released in 2006 and was hired by DXX in 2007. In 2008, he married longtime girlfriend Jennifer Moss. In 2009 they got divorced. DJ Hipp died in 2011 during the final Fourth Dimension Kombat event.

DJ Hipp
From. Chicago, Illinois
Born 1979
Pic Base Homicide/UltraMantis Black
Finishing Move Scarecrow's Melody/Terror Vortex
Debut July 19, 2007
Date of Death June 12, 2011

After wrestling for only about a year on the independents, DJ Hipp made his DXX debut on July 19, 2007. The level of competition was much higher than he was used to, causing DJ to go on a losing streak. DJ even held the DXX Tag Team Titles with Ace, without having won a DXX match. Then DXX United States Champion James Kidd, decided to take DJ under his wing. They formed the Better World Order.

Not long after forming the BWO, DJ Hipp got his first win. Over the next few weeks he would win most of his matches. The Better World Order entered a feud with Randy Orton and Chloe Layfield.

James Kidd was arrested for attempting to blow up one of the arena's DXX held shows at. Around the same time, Chloe Layfield was fired from DXX and Randy Orton became the general manager of Mayhem, DXX's flagship brand.

Their feud was put on hold, as Randy Orton refused to accept DJ Hipp's several challenges, saying that as GM he had more important things to do. Over the next few months, DJ Hipp entered a Tag Team Tournament for the DXX Hardcore title, teaming with The Boss. As the winning team of the tournament, DJ Hipp and The Boss fought at Unforgiven 2007, with DJ Hipp winning to become DXX Hardcore Champion. At DXX Final Destination 2007, DJ Hipp got a World Heavyweight Title shot against Nabeel Nawaz, but despite dominating the match, he lost by a roll up.

On the very first Mayhem of 2008, Randy Orton was replaced as GM by Carari Grey, who immediately fired World Heavyweight Champion Nabeel Nawaz. A tournament was announced to crown a new DXX World Heavyweight Champion. In the first round, DJ Hipp defeated Angeldust. In the Semi-Finals, DJ finally got a match against Randy Orton. In a vicious match, DJ suffered his first wrestling injury, with a detached retina. Before getting injured, DJ looked to have the match won a few times, when each time Carari Grey changed the rules, allowing Orton to advance to the Finals.

Randy Orton won the title in the finals at The Rebirth, where he defeated Josh Impact and Vince McMahon in a casket match. Vince McMahon formed The Corporation 2k8 with Angeldust and Carari Grey in an attempt to take the title from Orton. Orton formed his own group, Evolution, to fight The Corporation. DJ Hipp wasn't about to be forgotten, he formed The Immortal Sinners with Kenny Dykstra and The Rock. In the following weeks, Carari Grey shocked everyone, by super-kicking Vince McMahon, and joining The Immortal Sinners.

At Dead On Arrival, DJ Hipp defeated Randy Orton for the DXX World Heavyweight Championship, in the only ever Security Prison Guard Death Match, by doing the Cop Killa through a flaming table. In the main event of DXX Wrestlemania 2, every Mayhem title was on the line, as the World Heavyweight and Hardcore Champion DJ Hipp defeated Kenny Dykstra (US Champion), The Rock (Television Champion) and Floyd Mayweather Jr, to win all four belts and become the first ever DXX Universe Champion.

After Wrestlemania, The Immortal Sinners held every belt on Mayhem except for the Tag Team Titles. DJ Hipp and Kenny Dykstra soon won the tag team titles and eventually became the longest running Tag Team Champions in DXX history, defeating such teams as Slain & Vince McMahon, and Edge & Christian, to name a few. This was just one of the two times the Immortal Sinners would hold every title on Mayhem.

At DXX Road to Redemption, DJ Hipp was scheduled to wrestle Chris Jericho, but Jericho pulled out of the match only a week before. DJ Hipp defeated Vince McMahon in the only ever Convicts War Death Match. Carari Grey thought she would give DJ Hipp a break from fighting all the top wrestlers on Mayhem, so she put him in a match with Doctor Cube. At Eye For An Eye, Doctor Cube surprised everyone, when he beat DJ Hipp to become the second ever DXX Universe Champion. DJ and the Immortal Sinners vowed that Doctor Cube would pay.

At DXX One Night Stand, DJ Hipp defeated Doctor Cube, Slain, and Randy Orton in the only ever Pit Of Death Match, by yakuza kicking Doctor Cube into the pit of death, to become the only ever two-time DXX Universe Champion. Whoever got put in the pit would be forced to retire, so this was Doctor Cube's last match for awhile. At Declaration of Retribution, Josh Impact defeated DJ Hipp to become DXX Universe Champion.

Around this time Drake White became GM of Mayhem, after Carari Grey was institutionalized for being bat-shit crazy. At DXX Anniversary 2008, DJ Hipp & Kenny Dykstra defeated Edge & Christian in a TLC Match to retain their DXX Universe Tag Team Titles. After the show, DJ Hipp burned Drake White alive. Carari Grey was released from DXX and DJ Hipp left the company a week later.

DJ Hipp married his girlfriend of more than 15 years, Jennifer Moss, on an episode of DXX Mayhem in 2008. After leaving DXX, DJ Hipp joined AoA, a new wrestling company started by Carari Grey. DJ Hipp won the AoA World Heavyweight Championship, becoming the only ever AoA Champion in its brief history. At the end of 2008, DJ Hipp was inducted into the DXX Hall of Fame, and won a few awards at the DXX Awards 2008. 

He returned to DXX in December 2008, at DXX Crucifixion. He defeated Crisis in an ambulance match. DJ Hipp would then go on to feud with other DXX Legends Crisis, Doctor Cube, and Chris Jericho. The feud seemed to be over when Crisis, Nabeel Nawaz, Chris Jericho & Doctor Cube formed Team Mayhem. Team Mayhem offered DJ a spot in their group but he declined, forming his own group The Hood Tribe, with the former Hood Generals, Kwhame Myles, Shad Moss, and Chad Jennings.

The Hood Generals had always been linked with the The Immortal Sinners, due to Shad Moss being Jennifer Moss's brother. The Hood Tribe feuded with Team Mayhem, until Doctor Cube turned on Team Mayhem and joined the Hood Tribe. The Hood Tribe was formed with the intentions of crowning the first ever black DXX World Heavyweight Champion, accusing DXX Management and it's fans of being racist. Shad Moss and Kwhame Myles fought for the vacant DXX Championship, in a match guaranteed to crown a black champion. However, Ted DiBiase Jr was added to the match at the last second and he escaped with the title.

The Hood Tribe broke up after Kwhame called Shad a maggot. DJ Hipp retired, but briefly came back to manage Doctor Cube's new robot tag team of Robodude and Average. DXX would die in 2009 due to the new crop of talent not being exciting and management getting lazy. In 2012, DXX would return, and DJ Hipp's daughter Girl Hipp would form Fuck DXX Movement, a group fighting to kill DXX forver. DXX would close down again in just a few short months.


Cube (left) with Hipp (Right)

After DXX died, DJ Hipp and Doctor Cube would wrestle independently for companies such as Evolved, where DJ Hipp had briefly been World Heavyweight Champion during his DXX run, and PWH. They breifly formed The Hierarchy of Evil with Carari Grey and made a failed attempt to re-form The Hood Tribe. DJ Hipp and Jennifer Moss got divorced, and DJ Hipp and Girl Hipp had a falling out. Feeling like he had lost everyone and everything, DJ Hipp began to wear a mask to hide his shame.

Ultramantis Black

DJ wore a mask to hide his shame.

World Combat League formed in 2010. It was owned by Kwhame Myles and ran by Carari Grey, with Doctor Cube featured as the company's big star. DJ Hipp, feeling betrayed that he was never offered a contract in a company ran by his best friends showed a whole new darker side when he invaded WCL. He did everything he could to mess with WCL, from kidnapping Carari's cat, Ko-Ko, to interupting WCL's Wildfire broadcast with his own announce team of Z.C.M. and Ko-Ko. DJ Hipp formed The Legion with Z.C.M., Ko-Ko, Mark Henry, and Vince Russo. They weren't going to be satisfied until WCL was dead. 

Carari Grey and Kwhame Myles mostly ignored The Legion. Kwhame offered DJ a spot in his re-united Hood Generals, but DJ used his new "super powers" to turn the lights off in the arena. When they came back on, Steve Storme was in the ring, and he and DJ attacked Kwhame's group. At WCL's Winter of Our Discontent, there was a big blow-off match between WCL's "Pro Wrestling" and "Sports Entertainment" factions. DJ Hipp and Z.C.M. interfered and demanded to be added to the match. They were, and The Legion was victorious when DJ Hipp hit the Mythodical Mys-Step on Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Realizing The Legion was a bigger threat than she thought, and still having "Sports Entertainment" to deal with, Carari Grey quit and WCL went out of business. A few months later, DJ Hipp and Steve Storme formed Fourth Dimension Kombat. 4DK was so different from most wrestling companies, it could only take place in another dimension.

Deity Cat appeared before Steve Storme and told him not to trust DJ Hipp. On the last ever 4DK show, DJ Hipp sold the company to Vince Russo, who he thought was Doctor Cube. Vince Russo planted a bomb in the 4DK arena, which killed DJ Hipp when he tried to get the fans to safety.

DJ Hipp appeared before Girl Hipp in spirit twice to guide her on the right path. Despite being dead, DJ Hipp appeared on Fourth Dimension Kombat 2 where he wrestled Steve Storme. It is speculated that while he is dead in the real world, his spirit lives in the Fourth Dimension.

Titles and Awards



  • Terror Vortex:: Tornado Bomb
  • Scarecrow's Melody:: Cop Killa
  • Mythodical Mys-Step:: Stunt Rider Kick

Signature Moves

  • Graveyard Mindfuck:: Phoenix Splash Leg Drop
  • Footy:: Yakuza Kick

Trademark Moves

  • The Instant Sentance:: Top Rope Double Stomp
  • Starter Kit: : Slap, followed by an Irish Whip into a Spinning Wheel Kick
  • Tilt To Kill Armbar:: Tilt-A-Whirl Fujiwara Armbar
  • G-Code:: Tope Con Hilo
  • 400 Degreez:: Tidal Wave
  • Money Side Lariat:: Spinning Lariat
  • Murda Side Lariat:: Burning Lariat
  • Felony Charge :: Rolling Back Chop
  • Problems by Twista:: Thunder Death Driver
  • Almighty Pyramid:: Chickenwing Clutch Suplex
  • Flying Snorelax:: Springboard Spaceman Plancha


  • The Immortal Sinners
  • The Hood Tribe 187
  • The Legion
  • The Un-Civil Rights Movement
  • The Hierarchy of Evil
  • The Hood Generals
  • The Better World Order

Theme Songs

  • "Hail Mary" by 2Pac
  • "Last Muthafucka Breathin" by 2Pac
  • "Lose My Mind" by Young Buck
  • "The Rain" by DMX
  • "What Kind of Man" by Trae tha Truth
  • "Sword of Doom" by BlazBlue Official Soundtrack

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