DJ Hipp
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Ring Names The Lucha Thug, The King of Blood & Violence, Jay, DeeJay, Deej
Height 5'10"
Weight 220lbs
Date of birth 17th January 1982
Place of birth Chicago, Illinois
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Resides California
Billed from Chicago, Illinois
Trainer Chris182, James Kidd
D-Generation XX
Handled by DeeJay
Win/Loss Record 16 - 14
Debut July 19, 2007
Retired active

The Anti-Hardcore Superstar

A man by the name of DJ Hipp, coming over to America from Puerto Rico after being told by a friend that DXX would be a great career move, made his DXX debut on July 19, 2007. Immediately, he found himself on a losing streak, being placed in 4 ways and Hardcore matches, he wasn't too comfortable in DXX. Soon, he gained the nickname of "The Anti-Hardcore Superstar" due to his disgust of Hardcore Wrestling. For three or four months, he put on many great matches but always came up short which lead to him having a "transformation" if you will.

The Better World Order

James Kidd, who at the time was United States Champion, saw potential in a young DJ Hipp. They formed a team and Hipp was finally getting some wins. They had some problems with the likes of Randy Orton & Chloe Layfield, but it didn't really escalate like they hoped as James Kidd got arrested for attempting to blow up a building, leaving Hipp with no partner for the Survivor Series tournament to crown a new Hardcore Champion. DJ ended up teaming with, and eventually defeating The Boss to become Hardcore Champion.

The Fight Club

After his friend and leader James Kidd was arrested, Hipp had nothing to do but keep the BWO alive. He immediately changed the name to "The Fight Club" and added The Rock, Trish Stratus, and Daniel Micheals to his new faction. When all three members of the Fight Club left DXX, Hipp's plans went down the drain and it was back to singles competition.

The Fued with Orton & McMahon

When James Kidd won the US Championship, Chloe Layfield became his number one contender. Being James's friend, Hipp got involved after Orton tried to cheat to help his girlfriend Chloe. Hipp fought Randy a few weeks later but Orton sneak attacked him at the start of the match. DJ then fought Cloe and just as DJ was about to win, the ref was distracted and Orton ran in the ring only to give Hipp an RKO. Chloe ended up winning after Orton's blatant cheating once again. Since then Hipp has forgiven Chloe and he actually considers her one of his only friends, After finally getting his re-match against Orton in the Semi Finals of the DXX WHC Tournament, he had the match won until Carari Grey changed the rules in Ortons favor causing DJ to lose after four RKO's and suffer a de-tached Retina. Soon, Hipp entered a heated feud between Orton and McMahon, creating a 3 way feud. Hipp single handedly dstroyed Vince's faction, the corporation before getting a stable of his own to face Orton's squad Evolution. At Dead On Arrival, DJ Hipp defeated Randy Orton to win the DXX World Heavyweight Championship for the first time, in a Security Prison Guard Death Match. As a result, Orton left Mayhem and the feud finally ended.

Hatred for Nawaz

In what started out as a Champion vs Champion match, DJ had beaten down Nabz for the whole match until the opportunistic Nabz rolled up DJ and stole the victory. Then, DJ Teamed with Trish Stratus to defeat Nabeel Nawaz and Brittany Rivers after Orton attacked Rivers for reasons unknown and Hipp beat down Nabz on the outside. At Final Destination DJ and Nabz fought once more, this time for the DXX World Heavyweight Championship. Just when everyone thought Jay had the match won, Nabeel once again used his "tactics" to get an upset victory against the Lucha Thug. Soon after, Nabz was traded to Massacare and this feud had been put on hold. Then, a few months later Nabeel was traded back to Mayhem. Just two weeks later, DeeJay was granted his third chance at Nabeel, and as they say "The third times the charm" as DXX World Heavyweight Champion DJ Hipp defeated Nabeel with a Cop Killa to end this feud.

Hardcore Championship x1

On November 11, 2007 DJ Hipp became the new DXX Hardcore Champion, defeating the Boss, who he had teamed up with a few weeks before to defeat Undertaker and Rey Mysterio which is what got them to the title match in the first place. 4 months later, DJ still holds the championship, having defended it against Wes Zephiniah, The Rock, and Angeldust.

Tag Champion x1

When Ace needed a Tag Team Partner DJ Hipp gladly took the offer to become Tag Team Champion. DJ could've broken up the pin but instead he let Shawn Micheals & Edge pin Ace. Little did Ace know that DJ Hipp and James Kidd had planned this from the time they heard JBL was leaving. DJ still wants his re-match(with a different partner of course) for the DXX Tag Team Championship.

World Heavyweight Championship x1

DJ Hipp & Nabeel Nawaz fought in an epic singles match at the Final Destination where Jay just fell short in accomplishing his goal. A few months later, he would defeat Angeldust & Josh Impact two weeks in a row to earn a shot at Orton's WHC at Dead On Arrival, where DJ Hipp def. Randy Orton via the Cop Killa through a Table and a ladder to become the World Hvt. Champion!

Inside the Ring

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Cop Killa
    • Yakuza Kick
    • Running Lariot
    • Recording Session(ten punches to the jaw followed by a Dragon Suplex)
    • STF
    • Shining Wizard
    • T-Bone Suplex
    • Super Ace Crusher
    • Diablo Armbar(Top Rope Armbar)
  • Signature Foreign Object
    • Ghetto Fork, Baseball Bat
  • Managers
    • James Kidd
    • Julius Smokes
  • Signature taunts
  • Nicknames
    • Jay
    • The Lucha Thug
    • The King of Blood & Violence
  • Theme Music
    • Hail Mary by Tupac
    • Fame by Tupac
    • Last Muthafucka Breathin' by Tupac
    • Definition by Mos Def & Talib Kweli

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