Damian St. Claire

Damian St. Claire
St. Claire
Real name Damian St. Claire
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Height 6 ft
Weight 155 lbs.
Date of birth June 6, 1966
Place of birth Ithaca, NY
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Resides New York City
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Full Metal Wrestling
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Debut 2006
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The highly intelligent and smooth talking Damian St. Claire acts as legal council, publicist, and general consigliore for Ethan Black and The Black Covenant.

Born and raised in upstate New York, St. Claire graduated at the top of class from Yale Law School, he returned to New York to accept a position at a prestigious Manhattan law firm. He quickly ascended through the ranks of his firm by winning many major cases, most of which were in criminal defense. His legal knowledge combined with his charisma made him an extremely adept trial attorney. His lack of morals and willingness to vehemently defend even the most heinous of criminal also contributed to his legal success. St. Claire was investigated by the New York state Bar Association for several suspected infractions including witness intimidation and jury tampering. Despite their best efforts, the Bar Association could not make any charges against St. Claire stick. St. Claire would eventually become the youngest attorney to reach partner at his firm.

Not long after making partner, St. Claire first met Ethan Black who was fighting a charge of kidnapping in relation to the disappearance of a young Albany woman, believed to have been abducted by Black Covenant members. St. Claire took the case to trial and won a not guilty verdict for Black. After that, St. Claire represented Black in other criminal and civil matters, always with successful results. During this time, it is believed that St. Claire converted to a follower of the Black Covenant. Black eventually offered St. Claire the job of full-time legal council for Black Entertainment. Since that time, St. Claire has become the right hand of Ethan Black and acts as spokesman for Black in all his endeavors. St. Claire also provides all legal representation for Black and close "associates".

Many consider St. Claire to be Black's only connection to the "real world", the one person who keeps him grounded enough that his bazaar and often frightening views are kept shielded from the public. St. Claire has carefully crafted Black into a public figure, thus making him more accepted by mainstream culture, which would otherwise call for his head. St. Claire is also the main who is rumored to "know where all the bodies are buried", both figuratively and literally, in relation to Black and his followers.

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