Dan Robbins
[[Image:{{{image}}}|px|Image of Dan Robbins]]
Real name Daniel Bracken
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Height 6'2"
Weight 209 lbs.
Date of birth Unknown
Place of birth Montreal, Canada
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Trainer Mr. Demonical
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Daniel Bracken, better known by his ring name Dan Robbins is currently working for CWF Ignition as their Youngest Official Superstar.


Dan was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. His parents grew up on the streets but persumably won the lotto, cashing in over 4 million dollars. Dan was born on the 18th of August 1987. Big then his parents were very well off and Daniel was sent to a private school in Quebec where he lived for 3 years with his auntie. He wanted to coem home to Montreal, however, so he was switched to a lesser public school. While he was in Quebec, however, he was brought to a local independent wrestling show by his auntie's boyfriend at the time. From then, he was hooked. In his new school in Montreal, a lot of the children were also interested in wrestling. Soon enough Daniel realized he was a good bit stronger than the rest of his classmates, and he decided to pursue a career in wrestling.

Indepentdant career

Daniel Bracken went back to Quebec for a while to travel with the independants under the ring name Dan The Man. At a Quebec Championship Wrestling House Show, he met another independent superstar who had just signed a contract with Championship Wrestling Federation. The man seemed to know his stuff, and began training Daniel instantly. The two travelled wherever CWF did, and Dan would try to find work in an independent wherever they stopped. Daniel went under many ringnames such as "Dan The Man", "The Underdog", "Danny Boy" and "Riccy Hulio".

CWF career

Daniel Bracken signed with the CWF shortly after Demonical recommended him to Anthony Romeri. He quickly adapted the bad-ass gimmick of Dan Robbins, otherwise known as the Bitch-slapping, ass-kicking, binge-drinking, arm-breaking, Angry Minority and Deadly Robbin that is Dan Robbins. Dan has yet to be debuted on Ignition but has been appearing at several house shows. His on-screen debut is causing a mass of excitement.

Other Facts

Theme Music:

Breed - Nirvana (CWF - Current)

Thank You For The Venom - My Chemical Romance (Independants)

Thunderstruck - AC/DC (QCW)

Finishing moves

  • Dandasault(Running Springboard Senton)
  • Robin Hunter (Clothesline From Hell)

Signature Moves

Around The House (Running Roundhouse)

Deadly Robbin (Tombstone Piledriver)

  • Nicknames

Dan The Man Deadly Robbin

Championships and accomplishments

None. Yet.

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