Daniel Calhoun
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Daniel Calhoun]]
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Height 5'9"
Weight None o' yer business!!
Date of birth April 11th, 1977
Place of birth Northport, MI
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Debut September of '03
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Daniel Calhoun is the owner/player in the efed of AWL-NcW

Joining E-Wrestling

In the fall of '03 Dan had a good friend named Mike that introduced him to the game of efeds. Thus, the first character Dan created was born in the UWA.

Major Characters

Coun, The Iron Dragon

Dan's first and longest running character. The Coun name came from his own nickname. The Iron Dragon from the name this character had in other RP's.

Lance Knight


Cpl. Punishment




Jackson "Death Dealer" Payne


Colin "Big Dawg" Steele


Wussy Boy


Minor Characters

Dan also controlled several minor characters, that had brief showings in the AWL or in NcW. They mainly started out to fill out the shows. They were as follows:

Dark Echo
The Local Boys
Rick "The Bully" Brett
Billy Simms

AWL and NcW

Dan created the NcW first, shortly after joining the UWA. Running it for about 7 months he realized things needed to be changed. Seeing that it would take more work to fix than to recreate, Dan scrapped the NcW and formed up the AWL.

Global Wrestling Council

Sort of an ongoing process. Dan had this idea to bring several feds together and cross promote. Some matches were ran and even one PPV.

OOC Life

Dan got tired of speaking in the third person, so he decided to wait to do the rest of this til later.

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