Born Douglas Dykest Pitrs in Munich,Germany ( January 11th 1979 ) and is a German professional wrestler best known for his gimmick of Daniel Masters..

The Debut in ERWL

Pitrs debuted in ERWL in May 2008 as a face he formed a tag team with all time friend Ice Blaze. they were not tag champions but had an impressive winning streak. they once had a staredown which shocked the world when he turned Heel by brutally assaulting Ice Blaze he pinned him 1,2,3 and he introduced his new partner Mike Muscles he lived a short reign of 2 days due to Ice Blaze winning a title shot for a whole year and cashing it in the next night. Masters has turned into a jobber now since he has had a very big losing streak. He is (kayfabe) set to get injured but the next day he returns with Mike Muscles and losing to Ice Blaze and Chris Cage. he was inducted into the ERWL Hall Of fame by German football (Soccer) superstar Michael Ballack on July 1, 2008

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